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    Mapex Pro Series Snares

    Just ordered the 12x7 Maple snare on wednesday cant wait for it to get here! it was 99.95 so of course had to snatch that up. I've heard good things about these snares anyone have any experience with them?I think the next snare I get will either be the Maple/Cherry Black Panther or a Medicne Man...
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    So I have a problem

    Now I've been talking with Pj about getting a snare drum. See I've wanted a MM snare since I came to this forum.Know I originally wanted bubinga wood as I love bubinga drums but the price was a little too high for me. So I ask for maple and its 356 so I'm Like YES I CAN AFFORD THAT!(12X7 Snare)...
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    Our Darkest Desires, Once Forgottens New Single

    Seriously if you dont at least check it out your missing out. http://www. myspace. com/onceforgotten18 Go Check the song out! It's my friends band.
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    New Evans heads!

    So I ordered some Evans heads since I'm selling my old Sonor Force 1001 five peice kit, and they need resonant heads for the 13 and 16 inch toms. So I'm going to slap on my old resonant heads to the kit I'm selling and put these new ones on my kit and wow what a difference! I bought 2 Genera...
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    Question about woods for snare

    So I'm saving up for a medicine man 13"x5 snare. I want to have the wood be bubinga and possibly cherry but I've never played a drum with cherry wood. can anyone give me any info on how cherry drums sound.
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    my first cracked cymbal!!!!!

    I cant believe it I've been playing for 6 years and never cracked a cymbal and today I notice a very small crack on my MLoco china right under the flange!!! RRRRAAAAAA!!!!!
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    officially a gigging drummer

    so today I became a subing drummer for this rock band where 2 of the players are in my church band. apparently they've done a couple of shows where the drummer didnt show. this may lead to me being their main drummer.
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    so I got my springs

    and I like them my cymbals are a little high but I can adjust the stands but now my chinas arent always on a slant!!! :D
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    cymbal spring choices

    I'm going to buy the yellow one for my ride and 18" china but which one should In use for a 12" Voodoo china??? the red?
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    Thinking of leaveing my band...

    I've been playing in a band with my friend Julian and my friend Sean for about 2 years now and it just doesnt feel like were getting any where weve never played any shows we have a myspace page with ancient recordings on there and Julian says the sites useless because he thinks no one goes on...
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    So I was in pats music shop a couple days ago...

    I went in there to check out rides you know get a feel for what they got. So I go over to the cymbal section and the best they had were a new beats and an a thin crash the other 4 or five cymbals ZBT and Camber. so I start to leave and the guy at the desk is like you wanted to see cymbals? I'm...
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    how much should I charge?

    This guy wants me to go in to the studio to record a couple tracks I think he said like 5 or 6. and I'm wondering how much should I charge him I was thinking like 30 bucks a song but should I also charge him for me to get to his house?
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    AA Metal X, AAX Metal

    are they pretty similar or worlds apart sound wise. cause I'm definetly getting a new ride and always was curious about these two and am probablly going back to saluda to make a hybrid of these two cymbals.
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    This may be stupid but....

    can you get custom hardware??? I only ask because of all this talk of customization going on and if your going to get a completely custom kit why not look for custom hardware? does any body know if gibralter or DW/PDP does this?
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    I thought some one said Amun crashs where discontinued! ... 4a3498bc7f I just found a bunch of them!