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    New Hats!?! (Sabian)

    Wow, hey guys I got new hats today, I'm so happy. I know this thread is pointless without pics but my camera is being a total *** to me :S Anyway, I bought them second hand they are as follow: 14" Sabian HandHammered Regular Hats. They are the BEST sounding hats I have heard and I got a...
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    Sabian HHX Evolution

    I founf a used Sabian HHX Evolution 16" crash at a local pawn shop, good condition, clean, for $130.00, is thisa good deal? Should I buy it. Thank you for answering.
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    Wich Zildjian Cymbals?

    So, I know it's early but my family said they would buy me a few add-on cymbals for christmas :D . I'm a Zildjian guy, so I know that what I want, I already have ZBT's but I wan't upgrades from those, I don't want a cymbal pack, but I want to know what Zildjian cymbals are the best for me. I...
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    My Rockstar DX (Cherry Monster)

    I bought this kit in May and said that I was going to put pics up, unfortunately my camera broke... BUT! I got a new one and here are some pics of my drums. Specs: Drums 10"x13" Rack tom 12"x13" Rack tom 13"x14" Rack tom 16"x18" Floor tom 18"x22" Bass drum Cymbals 8" ZBT Splash 16" ZBT...
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    Home-Made Cymbals?

    Can you tell me if this is a good idea, because my family knows their way around a toolbox :P so they could make me one in a second, I would just need to know if theyre are any guides or anything that you know of that I could print off... Thanks, Evan EDIT: I'm sorry I posted this in...
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    TAMA Rockstar??

    Hey guys, I was wonder if you think this is a good deal. 5 piece TAMA rockstar, all hardware, with Zildjian cymbal for $840.00, to me I think this is a good deal. I just wanted to see what you thaught. Thanks :lol: :)