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    Wuhan Snare Drums??

    I was just looking on eBay and saw this.. <a href="">Ebay.. Wuhan Brass Snare Drum</a> Has anyone ever had any experience with these? I've never...
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    Dennis Chambers

    Saw this guy two nights ago, he's amazing! definitely one of the best out there.. what do you all think?
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    I need a snare..

    that I can buy for around $200-$400 (Australian Dollars). I don't know pretty much anything about snares, I just want a nice sound and a snare that'll last me easily 3-4 years or more. also one that would be kinda easy to tune.. Any suggestions?? thanks in advance..
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    Saw Santana Last night..

    wow.. I didn't know DENNIS CHAMBERS was playing with them! It was their last ever show in Australia, and it was amazing! no pics, sorry. they wouldn't let me take my camera in.. but I can tell you Dennis played a 10-15 minute drum solo, and it was entertaining heh.
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    Touring with the band of your choice..

    Ok so say your band was about to kick off their world-wide tour.. What band would you want to be supporting you? What band would you like to support? Keeping in mind, you have to be with these people for a longg time and so on. I'd personally choose Tool, because Danny Carey is a cool guy...
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    My Film

    Lately I've been getting into some film, and so a few of my friends and I made this film. It's gonna be a trilogy, so the whole thing won't make pretty much any sense.. <object width="425" height="355"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param...
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    My sound system problem..

    well recently i found this old stereo system with some nice speakers which i thought would do well in my room, with my kit. anyways, the whole reason, or main reason, i wanted them, was to play the drums to them.. well, now that i have put them in, it seems that whenever i hit the bass drum...
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    Stick Sizes..

    Ok, Now i know i'll sound like a bit of a bad drummer asking this.. But how does the size pattern or legend go for sticks? What do the numbers mean? And what do the letters mean? I just use 7A's, cause they feel good. But I would like to know what other sizes of sticks there are, incase...
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    well, In my room is my drum kit.. Also in my room is my deodorant and perfume.. Just before, today, i put some perfume on next to my kit, and it got me thinking.. does the smell/whatever it is, from perfume or deodorant do anything to your drum kit? like does it destroy ur cymbals or anything...
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    Jazz/Fusion drumming..

    Ok, so I'm a bit of a rock/metal drummer.. as much as I love it, I wanna be the best I can be.. I've noticed a lot of people talking about Fusion drumming, What is it? (if that's a relevant question). What bands or drummers play fusion? What are the basic concepts of fusion drumming? Another...
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    Your Favorite drumming album

    I was just listening to Lateralus (by Tool) and I cannot get over how amazing the drumming on the album is! so now I ask you, what album do you think has good drumming the entire way through? mine ofcourse is Lateralus - Tool (drummer is Danny Carey) p.s. sorry if this has been covered, i...
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    Need a new crash, what would suit...

    What kind of crash would suit my current cymbals?? i currently have a 10" ZXT Zildjian titanium fast splash, 18" ZBT Zildjian China, and a 20" Meinl Meteor Ride (i'm gonna get a new one after i get a new crash) So basically, what crash cymbals would suit my current setup? i am currently using...
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    Zildjian ZBT China

    Well I was out with the school band last night playing at one of the awards nights for my school, and while I was setting up the drum kit, another drummer form my school was helping me setup... I was talking to him about cymbals (because he brought all his own cymbals) and I happened to mention...
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    Drum off (Video) Danny Carey vs. Mike Portnoy!

    Ok, so i found this video on youtube. Watch the whole thing, then vote which you think is better. Remember, its the drummer, you are not voting on the band! <object width="425" height="350"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="wmode"...
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    My video

    Well, one of my friends was bugging me to get a video of me drumming, so i decided i'd do it, and put it on here to see what other drummers think i should work on. The toms sound like crap, i think cause 1, the small room, 2, its a bad sound quality recording on the camera i was using. <embed...