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    like...i ve got a drum recently and im beginning to play question there some type trick of holding the drum sticks?ive been seeing some drum stuff some videos and i look that they hold and do the beatings with some kind of tecnic..i dont know...
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    question to you all?

    what makes Dave Abbruzzese so special?
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    which pearl jam drummer you guys prefer?

    dave abruzzese.jack irons our matt cameron? personaly my favorit is matt cameron
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    which of these two drummers is the better??

    Brann Dailor-mastodon Danny Carey-tool i saw live this two great drummers (two of my favourites drummers by the way) and i couldn´t know who is the better one(if he is possible to know) however i would like to know which one you guys enjoy most...
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    What are the best cymbals?

    in your opinion which are the cymbals that more satisfies you?which are the cymbals with better quality in such a way of sound as of resistence and durability?paiste,zildjian or sabian? P.S:you can mention more names of cymbals
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    some advice to make less noise

    iI changed the little time to an apartment and would like to stifle my drum in order to make less noise as possebel...who do i make it???
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    the most influential drummers

    mine are: dave grohl brann dailor-mastodon matt cameron-pearl jam travis barker-blink 182 jose pasillas-incubus mikkey dee-motorhead joey jordison-slipknot danny carey-tool dave lombardo-slayer Witold "Vitek" KieÅ?tyka-decapitated Brad Wilk-ex-rage against the machine/audioslave...