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    Guess what?

    I'm getting married!!!!!!! Yep. Blushing Bride to Be! Send me gifts! haha no kidding. March 7th 2009. I'm very very happy. Sorry guys, off the market. :lol: I'm moving into my new fancy pretty apartment near San Diego CA..It's all very exciting. Thought you guys would like to know the update...
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    no really Wow.... World of Warcraft? Okay...who plays it? Kyle...I know you probably do. You know seeing as I don't play it I must run around in circles and scream "nerdy nerdy, nerd, nerd, GEEK" Oh that made me feel better... Not really though. My boyfriend is kinda...addicted. It's sad... He...
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    No, Its Time for me. I have been pondering and wandering through the Off topic section it seems every couple of posts you get an "I'm back!" thread started... Now since I'm the queen of I'm back. Stop taking my line. And....glory. I am officially back. Mawhaha <3 Cyn Oh yes, I'm back.
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    You know...I still got a drum crush on you.... :oops:
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    I'm going to throw this out there. Tips to making you a better drummer is: practice, practice, and sorry...but practice. It takes a long time to become the drummer you've always aspired to be. but with dedication and practice you'll get there... Everyone go out and invest in a metronome. Thats...
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    Ari Hoenig

    Nowm i know i have posted a bunch of stuff about him in the past but really. Great jazz drummer and he's fun to watch. check him out
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    Would just like to say. Admin Greg is a total stud...and I must admit I have kinda...developed a crush. haha kidding <3 Cyn but no. I'm serious. Marry Me? k thx. bye.
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    Mad love for my drummers!

    Alright guys n gals. I have been MIA for awhile and while I do talk to some of you off the forum, I'm just going to put it all out there. I've missed you all something terrible, and regret to inform you that this may be the few posts I will be making for awhile. As Bill Ray has said, my...
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    'Tis the Season

    For Gigs! Man... I have so many gigs! Holiday time calls for percussionists. Last night I got done playing a gig where I got to play the Bodrhans. My favorite drum of all... I own three. It was totally improv, and so much fun. This week its Handels The Messiah! Great lilttle tune. Hendel was of...
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    Ari Hoenig and Chad Sexton

    Wow...all I can say is wow. I met Ari Hoenig today. and just wow. He had like a 4 hour long drum clinic. He is amazing. and I have decided I'm going to marry him. He is just wow. And so nice. Very very down to earth. Like he walked up to me after, and actually asked me my name and gave me a...
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    Give it up for California

    Right now California has 14 brush fires burning most of which were started by pyromaniacs. More than 300,000 homes are in danger and many families have been displaced. California is in a state of emergancy. As of 11:00 pm 3 fires in the Santa Clarita Valley joined closing off the 14 freeway...
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    Brandenburg Concerto

    So I just got done auditioning for a concerto competetion. Winn gets a scholarship and gets to perform with the LA Philharmoic Orchestra. It was alright I performed the Brandenburg Concerto number 3. On Marimba. I think it may have been alittle bias cause I was the only percussionist going up...
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    Douche Fag

    JHA394 (7:43:29 PM): So im trying out a new setup with my drums. AlmostAnAngelCyn (7:43:55 PM): yeah? JHA394 (7:44:18 PM): yup. wanna see a picture? AlmostAnAngelCyn (7:44:25 PM): sure. JHA394 (7:44:58 PM): ... D=20286687 JHA394 (7:45:21 PM): its kind of a...
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    So I have court today. Cause my ex hit me. And then suddenly a few days later 6 drummers jumped him. I just have no clue how that would have happened. :? They think I had something to do with it cause he had the shit kicked out of him with a cymbal boom. :) Thanks drummers. But I'm...
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    I was told not to post this for those of you who are Haters.

    But... I got to hang out with Remo Belli today! There. I said it. Yes. Yes I did. I met him when I was 14. And jammed with him and my dad. But today we went to lunch me, my dad, Remo, and Mike Portnoy. Yeah. They talked shop all day about a new product. But I got to tagg along. Picutres will be...