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    The Secondhand

    Posted a new song up. Let me know what you think.
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    Stick sizes

    I've never understood the numbering of drumsticks. Is there a website or something somewhere that shows a chart of specs for 5A, 2B, 5B etc... Sorry if this is a noob question but all the choices have always confused me.
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    Coated Resonant Heads

    Anyone else use coated heads on the resonant side? I've been using J1 etched heads on my resos for a few months now and it makes them really easy to tune and takes out some of the unwanted ring while not completely killing the sustain.
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    "Tron" is the first finished track from the latest in the series of Whitehall Sessions recordings. (3rd) Basically, four of us get together (Rhodes/synth, Guitar, Bass, Drums/Toys) about once a year, set up a few microphones, and ease our way in and out of a 80-or-so minute "jam". Then we cut...
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    Session drummer advice

    How do you come up with a fee? In the studio - Is it based per song or per entire performance? Live - Flat rate or by the hour/time slot? As you became more experienced did you up your price? I'm getting myself into a situation where I need to throw out a number. I don't want to be...
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    Gibraltar "Stealth" Hardware System

    Does anyone have one of these for the snare side? (Or at least checked one out) I've always been interested in a rack for transport and setup purposes but I just think it would look silly for my small setup. I think this Gibraltar Stealth system may be the answer for me but I just worry that...
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    One Ton

    It's a new track I just put up on our myspace. Check it out at Tell me what you think. (Sorry in advance, no acoustic drums on the track)
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    Chamber music for the 21st Century

    Check out The Red Lions at .
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    Anyone use one of these on Electric Drums? I thought it might be interesting (though I don't have electric drums). I'm using one for a loop on one of my songs for live replay.
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    New Setup

    I took some pictures so I could remember how I set up my modified kit. I decided to put them up just for giggles. I'll be using this setup on the first (and maybe only) Space Lounge show on October 6th.
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    Splash Hats

    Anyone using splashes as high hats? What's a good combo? I'll be playing with a new arrangement using a 16" kick, 10" jingle/8"timbale snares, and an 18" floor. I want some fairly inexpensive "mini-hats" to go with it.
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    A Wide Pocket

    I've been doing a little bit of gigging with a local band. After the show, amidst the routine post-show comments "good job" "awesome set".... I have heard at least twice from two different people that I have a WIDE POCKET. I understand it as a compliment however that's where my understanding...
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    It's long overdue for my snare to be cleaned up and reheaded. I took it apart today and cleaned it real well (Kolstein's Instrument cleaner) and man was it dirty. There were also two "open seams" where it looks like the drum took a hit (very possible in my earlier years) or was tuned too tight...
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    Ludwig Rocker Elite

    I bought a Ludwig Rocker Elite about 10 or more years ago when I was a young buck and didn't care about things like construction, bearing edges.... Now I am between a rock and a hard place trying to find said info anywhere. I like the kit a lot so I guess it doesn't matter, but I'd like to...
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    Rims: What's the Difference?

    I see that like every other accessory, there are multiple types of rims and hoops for drums. Can someone tell me the advantages or disadvantages of the different types? (i.e.- double flanged, triple....)