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    HELP! :o

    Hey, for Christmas, im thinking of getting sum cymbals. But i just want to know a few things: 1. Sabian or Zildjian? which in your opinion is better for a metal drummer? 2. Which type of Sabian or Zildjain? Again, for metal drumming. If you could reply A.S.A.P. it would be very helpful. thank...
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    Tight Double Bass Pedal on weaker foot.

    Do you have your weaker foot pedal on your double bass drum tighter so that your stamina is buit up?
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    Double Bass Pedals!

    Do you think its best to have your weaker footpedal tighter to help ur stamina? :o
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    A Burning Hatred lyrics

    <fast drum riff> GO! (long guitar riff) i was born a daemon of which beared no soul an outcast of society unleashing pain untold Black Nice Kittens Death Black Nice Kittens Death I could not be accepted into a normal life a dose of pain injected The Needle is The Knife Black Nice Kittens...
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    hey im gonna get a double bass pedal 4 Xmas but i dnt kno wot to get! can you give me some ideas please?! :wink: thankyoo
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    Was Tom Delogne right to leave Blink 182?

    I read in Rhythm Magazine that Tom left Blink before a Tsunami show. Do you thing he should have left?
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    Burning Hatred

    I know many people say that the name is origional... i dont have a pic of us but i do have a pic of our thingy...if u kno wot i mean :P