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    I just can't seem to get my doubles sounding right when I roll down the toms, Any tips?
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    Dio diagnosed with stomach cancer

    Wendy Dio, the wife and manager of legendary heavy metal vocalist Ronnie James Dio (DIO, HEAVEN & HELL, BLACK SABBATH, RAINBOW), has released the following statement to BLABBERMOUTH.NET: "Ronnie has been diagnosed with the early stages of stomach cancer. We are starting treatment immediately at...
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    Orphaned Land

    Great doomy, melometal with lots of Mediterranean/Persian acoustic melodies:
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    Slayer, Megadeth AND Testament!?!?

    I am sooooooooooo there SLAYER. MEGADETH. Two names synonymous with fierce, crunching power. Two bands whose histories are inevitably intertwined in defining the thrash/metal genre. Individually, their respective prowess and accomplishments are impressive; but together, they're brutal and...
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    New Fear Factory w/ Gene Hoglan
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    Saw a Tornado yesterday

    It wiped out a shopping center by my house. It wasn’t much, but a spectacular sight none the less. I can’t imagine bearing witness to an F3 or F4
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    Hibben Knives

    I was reading about air purifiers and couldn't help but think about stabbing someone. It got me to thinking, who else here has a bad-ass Hibben knife?
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    Miika Tenkula R.I.P.

    According to various news sources including, Miika Tenkula, former lead guitarist and main songwriter of the acclaimed Finnish band SENTENCED, was found dead at his home yesterday. He was 35 years old.Nalle Österman (GANDALF, LULLACRY, CHAOSBREED) tells BLABBERMOUTH.NET, "It's...
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    Cramps founder and punk pioneer Lux Interior dies

    LOS ANGELES (AP) -- A publicist for the pioneering horror-punk band the Cramps says co-founder and lead singer Lux Interior has died. He was 60. Publicist Aleix Martinez says Interior, whose real name was Erick Lee Purkhiser, died Wednesday of a pre-existing heart condition at a Glendale...
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    Man with Klingon sword boldly goes on crime spree in Springs COLORADO SPRINGS — Police say a man wielding a sword like the ones used by Klingons on "Star Trek" demanded money from two 7-Eleven stores. Police Lt. David Whitlock says no one was injured. The...
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    Solar Power?

    Whatever I learn I'll share
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    Hail to the Chief

    President Barack Obama
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    WTF is wrong with people

    Soldier dies after bar fight over Jimmy Buffett song in Steamboat A soldier from Fort Bragg died this morning in Denver from injuries suffered from a bar fight in Steamboat Springs on Friday night over a Jimmy Buffett song. Richard Lopez, 37, of Fayetteville, N.C., was pronounced dead at 4:16...
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    David Leslie Gray-Akercocke

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    Raymond Herrera

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