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    Cross-Hand Technique

    I'm not sure if there's a thread on this already, but it's something that id like to learn how to do. You see it mostly on drum solos, fills are played over the toms etc and the hands are crossing over eachother, looks great! Cant find much info on it though. Any would be greatly appreciated!
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    Halloween : What are yas dressin up as then?

    I wanna do something great for once this halloween, was wantin to go for the Patrick Bateman American Psycho look, but not sure. Maybe Batman
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    Black Panther - Black Laquered Maple v Birdseye Maple

    Was checking out these drums as im definetly up for one. What's the difference between the two? cheers
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    Double Entendres

    Someone just emailed these in work, hilarious :D Here are 12 of the finest (unintentional) double-entendres ever aired on British TV and radio (1) Pat Glenn, weightlifting commentator 'And this is Gregoriava from Bulgaria . I saw her snatch this morning and it was amazing!' (2) New...
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    Drummers Are Not Real Musicians!!!

    I apologize in advance if this pisses anyone off, but the guy that wrote this post is clearly a twat and has no understanding of music. I found this thread on a local Northern Irish music board:
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    Architects (uk) and These Are The Clouds , Belfast Aug 21st

    Hey everyone, we (these are the clouds) are supporting the amazing Architects from Brighton (Uk) tonight! Cant Wait, gonna be a technical onslaught! Architects Your Demise Hand of Death These Are The Clouds Auntie Annies, Belfast (northern ireland)...
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    Marco Pitruzzella

    This guy's a machine when it comes to death/grind blasting. Played with Braindrill and The Faceless, a good few sick vids of him on youtube, most of him playing on an electric kit. I suggest you check him out
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    Drum Tutoring

    I think I remember seeing a post about this but couldnt find it. Anyone here have any experience with giving drum lessons? I was thinking about it myself to earn some extra cash, i mean from beginner to intermediate. cheers
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    Check out this band lol, girl singer and all. Bit random, songs called "tastes like Kevin Bacon" Gravity Blasts to fook!!
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    Within The Void w/ Thomas Lang

    Just heard about this new band, from the UK. Sounds like something amzing is about to surface, especially with Thomas Lang providing the drums! Anyone familiar with the very talented SikTh from London will have heard that they parted ways a few months ago, this is the guitarist Pin's new setup...
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    HHX 20" Power Ride ... 2014XN.cfm Im so gonna get me one of these, been wantin one for years, nows the time!! Anyone else have any experience with one or own one? Cheers
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    German / Belgian beer

    Gotta say I love it - Spaten, Hoegaarden, Erdinger weisbrau, Duvel etc. Anyone else share the amazing taste of it?
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    Cock ups at Gigs...

    You know the ones.. so frustrating, others feck you off more than others. I remember when I had my first gig with a new band a while ago, I counted into the song and began playing.. only to get the guitarists turning round whilst playing with that 'what are you playing' look on their faces...
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    Drummers are top Athletes

    Just appeared today in the papers, "Drummers are as fit as premiership footballers" etc. Heres the link:
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    New These are the Clouds tracks!

    Hey we just got our EP finished recently and our tracks our now up on myspace for your listening pleasure! Feedback is encouraged! Cheers John