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    Recorded on stage, behind the drums, with the camcorder.

    Recorded on stage, at Dover Downs Casino. This is the video and audio off the the camcorder, from behind the drums.
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    Page One - Tower of Power playalong
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    Pour Some Sugar On Me - LIVE at an outdoor party

    Pour some sugar On me
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    Detroit Rock City

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    LIVE recorded from stage behind drums
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    Crazy Train - LIVE
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    A track that I just played on

    I played on this track. Check it out and give me some feedback. Thanks ... id=1250119
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    PC Optimization Guide for Windows Vista

    PC Optimization Guide for Windows Vista Welcome to the Windows Vista PC Optimization Guide. Here you will find a comprehensive guide to optimization of any Vista computer for use as a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). It is important that you read through this documentation as it covers...
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    Wise Words

    Here's some wise words from a very wise man and great drummer. I just wanted to share this profound truth.
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    Me playing with a music-minus drums track

    mur playing page one. MP3.mp3 This is a Tower of Power song called "Page One." It's a recording of me playing with a music-minus drums track
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    I attempted to try this Tower of Power tune

    mur playing page one. MP3.mp3
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    Free Will - RUSH cover LIVE
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    Plexiglass shield gotta see this
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    Pearl Master Studio

    8" 10" 12" 14" 16" Toms 22x18" kick
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    Get The Funk Out and a Rush tune

    Get The Funk Out Subdivisions & Spirit Of Radio <a href="">Subdivisions & Spirit Of Radio by FRONT LINE</a><br/><object width="425px" height="360px" ><param...