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    Drum Covers. What do you think?

    Hey guys, Check out some of my covers on my youtube channel and let me know what you think. I'm always looking for constructive criticism to help me improve. add me as a friend on there!
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    Check it out!

    check out my drum Channel, Let me know what you think. Give me advice, let me know what you think. I think my A7x cover is one of my best. Let me know!
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    My first cover...check it out!

    Hey guys. I finally got the guts to post some of my playing. Here's my youtube channel: Here's the vid: I know you can barely hear the bass, my next recording I'll be taking the pillow out of it. But if you...
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    Sound percussion...haha

    The other day I was at Guitar Center to go get some sticks. I know a guy who is endorsed by Sound Percussion and likes the sticks, so when I saw they had 9 pairs of sticks for $20 I decided I would give them a shot. Yesterday I got them out and played probably five minutes and they broke. Out of...
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    Me playin'. Give me some advice!

    Here's me playing. I've posted some before. I'm putting one more new one in. I didn't get much feedback the last time so everyone let me know what you think. All criticism is welcome! Just go easy on me! I've been playing five years. Audio isn't the best. I need a good mic. The first one is my...
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    My playing-Check it out

    I just got a new mic for my computer and decided to record some of my playing. Go easy on me, I just threw some stuff together to see how the mic was. Tell me what you think, give me advice, tips. When I get some more time I'll put together something decent. Thanks...
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    Alright, my senior year is almost over and the talent show is coming up. I decided that I want to do a drum solo for it, but I'm not really the greatest at putting a solo together. I've been playing five years. I've always played in a church and on my own time. I've never actually soloed longer...
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    Wuhan splash-what do you guys think?

    I just bought a Wuhan 12" splash just to try it out. Everyone is always talking about how its so cheap and sounds pretty good. Sounded pretty good in the store. I just got it so I can't really say If I like it for sure or not. Anyways, what do you guys think about wuhan as far as quality and...
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    Updated kit! New cymbal & w/ my side snare

    I just decided to try out a wuhan 12" splash and my pdp 805 side snare is on here too. What do you guys think?
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    Ahead drum sticks are a pain, Can someone help me?

    So, I've had my ahead drum sticks for about 4 months. I went and got some new sleeves for them yesterday. All the guys @ guitar center are telling me "ohh its so easy to change the sleeves, they'll go on by just heating the sleeves up". I get home pull out my blow dryer had the sleeve so hot it...
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    PDP 805! WOW

    I just bought a PDP 805 6x10" side snare about two weeks ago. And I have to say it was really worth it. It was very inexpensive, I paid $100 for it and it sounded great! I was really, really shocked. Have any of you guys used this snare and what is your opinion on it?
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    My kit

    This is my Ludwig Accent Custom. I didn't get a chance to get a picture of my favorite pacific 805 6x10 side snare but I'll get that up later...Here's the rest: 18x22 kick 16x16 floor tom 8x12 rack tom 8x10 rack tom 5x14 snare [/img]