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    Practicing on my own

    I have been playing drums for almost 6 years and I just stopped going to a drum teacher. He was teaching me only the basics and beats. Plus all we did while I sat in the room with him is just talk about everything but drums. I don't know if I should go to another instructor or just to just teach...
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    Adding Things To My Set

    I Love my drums and don't get me wrong, however I am getting bored with them. So I thought I should add things to my set. I usualy get excited when i'm behind my drum teachers set or another person, I just want to be that way with mine. Does anyone have any sudgestions what I should do or what I...
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    Jazz Clubs in Chicago

    I am going to Chicago in a few weeks and my drum teacher said to go visit some Jazz clubs there. Does anyone know of any clubs I could look for when i'm there to hear good music?
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    Zildjian ZXT Titanium Cymbals

    Does anyone know where I could get a pack of Zildjian ZXT Titanium Cymbals...because zildjian doesn't make them anymore and the only music store is out of stock. So could anyone help me out?
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    Besides the fact that I worship drums I also am a singer. Like the great Phil Collins who was in the band Genisus and played drums while singing. If you know any more drummers who sing or you do it too...I wanna know. I like to know people that have things in commen with me.
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    Sweaty hands

    What happens when your hands get sweaty while you’re playing and the sticks fly out of your hands... what would you do?
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    adding to my set

    My friend wants to sell his set for 100 bucks. It is a Tama 5 piece with Zildjian cymbals. I think its great that i could get his set and add to mine. But the thing is I don't know what to do with the extra snare, high hat, and chair. I know I can add the the other things and make my pearl set...
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    Neal Peart

    I am a huge fan of his. I was watching his anatomy of a drum solo dvd and i fell in love w/ his set. I don't need the keyboard and I already have the acustic. Dose anyone think I should just stay w/ my pearl set or do u think its a good idea to get the electric? If so, what electric set should I...
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    Drum beat

    Hey, I am stuck on this one beat in my drum book and it has complecated base. The snare, hi hat, and drum fills are easy. However I can't seem to get the base down right. can someone tell me how can I try to practice the beat b4 I go insaine?