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    Pearl Export expansion

    Not sure of the drum depths but it's a 14" snare, 10", 12", 14" toms, 22" bass drum and DW5000 Turbo double pedal Cymbals (left to right): 14" Sabian AA hats 16" Agazarian china 16" Sabian B8 Pro medium crash 10" Sabian AA Rocktagon splash 10" Sabian Xs20 splash 14" Zildjian ZXT fast crash 20"...
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    Footboard height

    OK, as far as I know, nobody's posted on this yet, but I need some input from someone who's messed around with bass drum pedals. I currently have a DW5000 double pedal and am looking for a way to improve my speed further. I'm not a beginner with practicing on the double pedals, I've...
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    Cradle of Filth / Korn

    OK, wtf is up with these bands as of late? It seems neither band can keep a consistent line-up and with all the crap I've heard regarding Korn's new album, obviously it can't be working out to well. How are either of these bands still around, or I guess the question is how is it possible for a...
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    My Export goin' on 7 years

    Unfortunately this is not a completely updated pic of my set. This was as of last year around Christmas. But the specs for it at the time of this pic are as follows: (not sure of tom depths) 14" snare 10" tom 12"tom 14" floor tom 22x18 bass drum cymbals from left to right 13" AA hi-hats 18"...
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    Rocket Shells... know anything about 'em?

    I'm planning on upgrading my current kit at some point to a non-wood kit and by chance stumbled onto Rocket Shells and was wondering if anyone knows either what they sound like or can compare them to wood drums. From what I can tell this is probably my top choice when I do manage to upgrade but...
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    Another fun one to play

    if anyone desperately desires specs, I do have them. This started out as just a joke for a dream kit but I actually am pricing it out. As far as cymbal sizes, they can be included too, like I said, if anyone really wants them. The small drums on the far left were meant to be Octobans (and...
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    drum set maker programs

    OK, I know there's got to be a topic already created about this but so far I haven't had the patience to hunt it down... so, what are the names of download-able programs that create digital images of a drum set? links if possible please. much thanks!
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    Okay, I've 17 and have been drumming for almost 10 years now. As far as putting mics on my set, I have had no need to do so. Many will likely see this as a dumb question but what exactly are triggers (how do they work?) and what are some good companies to purchase from?
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    What's your stick preference?

    I play pretty heavy, usually to Lamb of God, Opeth, all those heavy double bass bands. Usually i'm using Zildjian John Otto Signature sticks which are super light and , unfortunately thin, and i go through them like crazy! what does anybody suggest for a light but durable stick? Thanks!