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    tama metalworks snare

    i want to replace my stock snare with something in the $200-250 range and was wondering if the tama metalworks snare was pretty good. im lookin for something with nice power and crack, and was thinking about the 6.5x14. i really dont need a pro snare now cause all my band is doing at the moment...
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    good price for a sonor

    this guy might sell me a Sonor Force 3001 kit with 12, 13, 16 toms, 14 snare and i think 20 bass. it also has a zildjian 20" ping ride, meinl meteor 18" crash ride, 14" Scimitar hats, and an 18" Scimitar crash ride (im gonna replace the sukky cymbals cept for the ride) and all the hardware. hes...
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    pearl tom mounts

    i was considerin getting a peal ELX since im just an intermediate drummer and was wonderin if the tom mounts are pretty good and adjustable. i have heard they are great and that they suk. thanx ... sku=449179
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    Pearl ELX or M Birch?

    i found a pretty good deal on a Peal ELX 6 piece kit on and was considering either getting that or a Mapex M Birch 6 piece. wht do yall think?
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    gibraltar double pedal

    are the intruder direct drive pedals pretty sensitive and smooth, or would something like IC's or Eliminators be better? ... earch=true
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    mapex m birch

    if i dont get the sonor kit for free, i was thinking of getting a mapex m birch. ive read some good reviews from musiciansfrinend and was wonderin wht yall thought. ... sku=449725
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    lightspeed double pedal

    just saw the sight for these pedals and was wonderin how much they cost.
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    meinl meteor 18in crash/ride

    are these any good? i might be getting a sonor 3001 kit for free tht has one of these.
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    sonor 3001

    are these good sets? i might be able to get one for free so i was wonderin if i should keep it or sell it.