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    1st marching show of the season

    and it was horrible........ it was raining, the better of the two snare players was sick, so i had to sight read her music, but we played on the side lines because the field was to bad to do the show, and i didn't even get to play the mallet parts i've been working on for the past two months, it...
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    can some one give me a good description of this style, and maybe some notated or tabbed examples, i've seen videos and i find the style to be pretty awesome, but i'm just not completly understanding the ride patterns i'm usually hearing
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    does anyone else in this forum right poetry, i've been writing since i was like in the 6th grade, so as long as i've been playing drums i guess. if you write you should post one of your writing and share it with the forum, here is one of mine fear rests behind this walls if you listen you can...
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    Ear Protection

    i recently started wearing ear plugs while playing, i was slowly going deaf, i can hardly hear people talk unless they talk in a loud voice
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    i want to play

    don't you just hate when its too late to go give your drumset some love. Night time is the best time to play for me i'm usually tired from a long day, which causes me to be really relaxed and play stuff that suprises myself, plus i find it good for my technique to have to play at the quietest...
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    how old does this look

    i got this snare in 2000 i think, it is my first, but i bought it used, so i was wondering what year it might have been made in
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    iron cobra question

    what is the difference between the rolling glide and the power glide models
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    difficult indeed

    how do you tell your best friend that he isn't in the band anymore without hurting his feelings or starting a feud and lossing his friendship, they guy is like my brother, but when it comes to the band he so lazy it drags us down to where we can't practice and be the band we want to be, so...
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    "groove" seriously this forum says "groove" more then gamers say "pwnd" and "noob"
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    double bass view

    when you are playing how do you think about the motions of what your feet are doing, or is it as simple for everyone here just to think of the sound they are producing? for me its "have a strong down beat, and focus on bringing my toes up not soo much on pushing them down" i find that by doing...
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    Paiste 502's

    i've had the cymbal package of these for about 2-3 years now, and i've never had a problem with the way they sound, and no one else has ever had a problem with them either, but are they considered "crap" compared to others?, i want to upgrade my all of my cymbals but i don't have to the money...
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    marching band....

    at my school, ultimately sucks this year. Get this, i got moved to pit and have to play the marimba instead of marching as center snare, because i was the only one capable of playing mallets, and a little scrawny freshmen is so suppost to be my replacement even though he can hardly hold a...
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    guy or girl???

    so lets see how big the male majority reallly is compared to the females
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    tunning a floor tom

    i'm not sure why, but i can honestly say i can't tune a floor tom to save my life, every floor tom i have ever tried to tune ends up sounding worse then when i started tunning it, i always have alot of ring, and i'm just wondering what i'm doing wrong, can any one tell me?
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    william tell meets awesome drumming check it out its awesome, my percussion ensemble actually took this song to state and got a 2 :( but anyway, this video is awesome