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    New Cymbals

    Ok, so I've got my new ride, its a Zildjian A Sweet Ride (I love it), Now on to the crashes and hi-hats. I think I'm gona go with a 16" and 18" Sabian AAXplosion Crash, and Sabian AAX Studio Hi-Hats. Anything thought about these? Are they worth getting. This is important before you say go to...
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    New Crashes

    I just got a Zildjian A Sweet Ride, and I'm saving up for some new crashes now. I was thinking about going with a 16" and 18" Zildjian Z Custom Rock crash, but I'm open to other suggestions. If you know anything that would go better with my ride let me know. If you think the Z Customs are good...
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    Sabian or Zildjian ride.

    Alright, I'm starting my search for a new set of cymbals. I'm stuck on the ride though. I can choose between a Zildjian A Sweet Ride, or a Sabian AA Raw Bell Dry Ride. 21" for both, and I want one with a good bell so yeah. Help me out there both the same price so thats not a facture. And before...
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    My friends band.

    Check out some of these bands. Most of them are friends of mine and have really good drumer. The Flood Memoirs. (If you like As Cities Burn you will like them. Book them if you get the chance. The Burning Issue (good christan...
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    Vinnie Paul

    Vinnie Paul to me has been amazing in anything he has recorded. Weither with Pantera or Damageplan (I havent heard Hellyeah yet but im sure its good.) I just want to know what everyone else thinks. Which do you prefer? I'm more of a Pantera fan myself.
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    I need some new cymbals.

    I posted a topic asking if I should get some Ziljian ZXT's and everyone said they sucks and if I was seriouse about druming to get higher line cymbals. Well it just so happens I am seriouse about druming its my life. So my questions is what sould I get. Im on a farly low bugget so around...
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    Zildjian zxt

    I'm playing on by a set of Zildjian ZXT's in the very near future, and I just want to get some input on weither these cymbals are a good buy or not. Im playing on getting. 16" Rock Crash 18"Rock Crash 20"Rock Ride 14"Rock Hi-Hat and a 16" or 18" China. Oh yeah and im a heavy hitter and will be...
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    what cymbles

    Im look into buying some new cymbles, and Im for great sound and projection that came stand my heavy hit for a long time, and I have a small buget. What should I get?