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    George Way & Camco

    I've been a Camco nut for years but I've only owned anything Camco since 1998. My addiction to Camco led me to George Way, the man that invented the famous turret lug now owned by DW. I'm very lucky to own 2 George Way kits and 7 snare drums. Amazingly I've purchased all my George Way gear in...
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    1968 Ludwig Mod Orange

    It took me 10 years to find one! I bought it about 3 years ago. I've since removed the RIMS mounts and put the kit back to original. 22/12/13/16 By dolfan54 at 2007-07-10
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    Steve Maxwell to be in charge of Leedy

    It appears that Steve Maxwell has worked out an agreement to make new drums under the Leedy name by arrangement with Fred Gretsch. I'm sure Steve will be making some beautiful drums under the Leedy name. Of course I'm sure the price tag will be big too.
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    My Collection

    Top Row from L-R Camco L.A. Natural Maple 24/13/15/16, Camco Chanute Walnut 24/14/18, '59 George Way Green Sparkle 22, '59 George Way BDP 22/12/16, Camco Oaklawn 20/12/16 Bottom Row L-R Ludwig 1968 Mod Orange 22/12/13/16, 1963 Rogers Silver Sparkle B&B 22/12/13/16, '59 George Way Green...
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    George Way

    Here is my George Way collection 1959 George Way Rare Uncataloged Color 22/12/16 w/5x14 By dolfan54 at 2007-03-17 1959 George Way BDP 22/12/16 1961 16x16 I also have a '61 5x14 matching 6 lug (not pictured) By dolfan54 at 2007-05-04