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    Ever feel like you have been had?

    not a good feeling, im gonna dissapear for awhile gentlemen. Got some financial stuff to recover from, and a couple other things i dont feel like discussing on here.
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    Ghost In The Machine

    Like my post before, I looked up the police, man was I missing out, Does anyone know what ride he uses on that album?
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    the ebay saludas,

    Have any of you ordered the cymbals jamie has off ebay? Cause theirs an earthworks 16 in china, for like 60 that I would like to score, So I don't know if I should get it directly from the phone number that he has posted, email or off ebay. Any suggestions gentlemen?
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    Silver fox sticks

    Where do you guys order them online?
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    hopefully the link still works, Bostic, (Ramon Ocha) did this video, from now on if you need explanations of the set up of the pedals, look here,
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    stupid question of the day.

    If I upgrade my lugs, and such on my export, Will it make any difference in sound? I mean I know it will be better for tuning to have better lugs, But I always wondered if it would make a difference
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    Coltrane,Chambers and Copeland.

    I need some album help if you fellows could, I need a Police album which highlights copelands drumming, or his best drumming album, Same with Dennis Chambers, any jazzier, fusion albums please, And any John coltrane albums, Thanks fellas
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    dennis chambers snare.

    Anyone play it? I'd like to know if its any good, And what kinda range it has.
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    Oak customs.

    does anyone have any experience with them? sound clips? hard ware> tuning? any help please.
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    throne, china and possibly a dm5.

    hey, im selling my throne, its a gibraltar 35 plus shipping. zildjian china boy hi 60$ plus shipping, if shipping is over 25 ill knock it to 50$ and if i get a reasonable offer on my dm5 ill let it go, maybe like 125? i dont know the resale value.
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    can someone help me with paypal?

    how do i start, obviously with the site. but like to buy something or collect money for selling? any help please?
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    has the export been discontinued?

    cause if it is im crap out of luck, i wanna buy another bass drum but i can no longer find it in the charcoal metallic finish, i seen one on craigs list in pennsylvainia for 40$ but will he ship it? any help guys?
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    computer chair as a throne,

    So after sitting on a amp as a computer chair for 2 years, I bought a chair from a thrift store for 7 dollars, pretty sturdy with a back rest, So I was practicing one day and my back started hurting I've had my current throne for quite some time, and figured what the heck ill try my computer...
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    I'm watching a band play right now.

    And it got me to thinking, I wanna go join a cover band, I'd like to play out more, make some money and go have fun, I'm sick of playing in two bands that one does well and the other flounders, And watching this band makes me think that the guy drumming is showboating to much, he keeps trying...
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    pow wow here i come

    im taking the weekend of from work to go to the sgainaw pow wow. its pretty sweet and i can stay in the hotel for free. if you ever get a chance you should go to one.