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    cool INEXPENSIVE way to make your live setup rock!

    I've posted this pic on here before, but I want to point out something to some younger guys. Notice the lights coming up from under my kit. They are LED lights, usually found in the DJ section of many music stores. There are under $100 each (maybe $59?)and I use two of them. You link them...
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    Drum Module needed

    Ok guys. I play an entirely acoustic set, doing 80s rock. Everything from Van Halen to Duran2, very big production show. I'd love to add just a couple of effects. So I bought a Roland trigger pad and need a drum module to trigger it with. I just need a reverse gate snare hit, maybe a reverse...
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    pdp h/h stand

    I know this isn't very high up on your priority list, but I have (on loan) from my music store, a brand new pdp high-hat stand. I plan to use it at my gig tonight. My old (very old) one has sturdy, but had three legs, which always gets in the way of my left-foot kick pedal. The new one is of the...
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    When metal ruled the world

    Does anyone have this (VH1 or MTV) show recorded? I really need a small clip from the very end of the show for a production element for my band. Any help, as always, is greatly appreciated. Rock on.
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    Metronome Headphones

    Do you guys recommend a particular brand or style of full headphone metronome? I would like to tap in a beat to give me the correct time, then set the click to that for practice. Thanks for the input and keep rockin'. Dino
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    Bad ass dude. ... saf_seewi/ Watch till the end, the juggling is amazing. The beat at areound 2:25 is cool too.
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    Cymbal Cleaner

    HI, guys. I am brand new to the board! 37 yrs old. Drummer in two bands, one is an 80s metal tribute called Tongue 'N Cheek. . The other is with my 12-yr-old daughter Alexa . Anyway, I thought I'd start a thread asking for the BEST cymbal...