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    Sweet Gibraltar Hihat stand!

    So, I was visiting my famiy over the weekend and My cousin got this stand and I was amazed! It felt so awesome to have my hihat so close, but the pedal was in the normal area, when I get the...
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    Pearl Elim Single for sale with case and cams.

    In efforts to get rid of my huge 2 bass kit, I'm selling my single elims for a double. I'm selling one to Guitar Center and they only want one, rather than both, so I'm trying my luck on the web. I'll get picks up. It's about a year old and has all the standard cams except possibly the white and...
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    Gibratlar Double bass pedals...I gots me a question.

    Anyone out there in the know about the Gibraltar Intruder Bass drum pedals? Preferably a double pedal and preferably direct drive. Thanks.
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    Terry Bozzio Terry Bozzio's solo. Why can't people just see that he is good and creative? No one has any idea how hard it is to truly be unique on the drums, to do something no one really has. Please hit up with some feedback.
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    Into Eternity's drummer

    All right, so here's the scoop. He's a great drummer, but he plays some of the worst gear a professional can ever play. Peavy drums, some solar cymbals.... He's good and I know what will be said: "It's the drummer not the gear" but come on, there's a limit to when that can be said for a...
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    Me messing around with my guitarist.

    We're sort of just making up cool stuff, we threw it together a bit before the video, haha.
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    My New Snare!!!!

    Just went to GC and dropped $180 on a 12"x5" Pork Pie Little's sooooooooo awesome. I love the small size so my legs don't hit the snare when I'm doing my double bass. It's so crisp and the tone is beautiful.
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    Planetary Duality, The Faceless' new CD, is some of the sickest metal drumming that I can think of in quite a long while. Anyone else heard it?
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    Me playing with my School band. What do you think? I couldn't get the video to post again, but it should be okay. I mess up in a both just a little, but I hope you think they're all right.
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    I was wondering if anyoen has heard or played a Saluda ping ride before I buy it. Feedback?
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    Sabian Ride.

    I think I'm ready to trade/sell off my 20" Hand Hammered Medium ride. I'll put up some pics, anyone interested?
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    Bass drum trigger question.

    A lot of you guys know, I'm huge on the double bass kit and every now and then it could be hard to keep them perfectly in tune, well, I was looking at triggers and I like the price of Ddrum Red Shots, but two things....1. Are they worth it? and 2. I have my Hihat attached to my second bass...
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    What do you all think about Opeth? I think they are right good. Their drummer has an awesome feel. Go to and check out the song Hessian Peel.
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    Dream Kit

    I'm sure this has been done, but to resurrect it, What is your dream kit? Mine, would be a Spaun custom. two 20x16 basses 6,8,10,12 racked toms 14,16 floor toms 12" snare !6,17,18,19,20,22 Paiste Sig. Reflector Heavy Full crashes 22 Paiste Reflector Power Ride 18 Paiste Reflector Thin China...
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    Drum solo

    I put up this drum solo because I said a girl drummer was bad and she flipped out over a PM on Youtube at me. So, here was my solo to say I could back it up. It's not awesome just some on the spot Ideas. Throw some feed back if you could. This won't let me post my video on here for some reason...