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    Ludwig 411 super-sensitive 70's **PICS!!!**

    I just bought one! Can anybody give me some info? ive read all about them etc but would like to know if any of you own or have owned one in the past? and what are your views? i havent got it yet, but should have it by monday/tuesday. ive been looking for one for nearly a year now but the...
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    we had an earthquake!!!

    we had an earthquake at 1am wednesday morning measuring 5.2 on the richter scale. pretty badass for the UK! it woke me and the missus up in a shock but nothing round our house was damaged luckily. any of you guys suffered a proper earthquake, i know you get bad ones in san fransisco?!?!
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    Hey, did anyone else see this snare?

    did anyone else see this ludwig on ebay a couple of days ago? what an amazing drum! just slightly outta my price range though! :cry: the auction has ended now, but here it is............ ... :IT&ih=013
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    my band doing beastie boys....!

    this is our band covering beastie boys fight for your right. im dressed as a gorilla too! very hot and hard to play in a gorilla suit. we were all pretty drunk too. it was for a friends 21st birthday party..... <object width="425" height="355"><param name="movie"...
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    Steven Adler

    OK, this is for the GnR fans i guess, but what are peoples views on stevie? i think he deserved another chance and when matt sorum took over, it was never the same band. some say matt made the band better but, even izzy stradlin said he couldnt continue with out steven and then quit. that was...
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    So, what do you when not playing drums????????????

    i was curious to know what you all do for a day job etc (if its not drums!) and general interests and hobbies... i work as a carpenter/ joiner/ woodwork in all forms. i like it, the money is good and the job is different all the time. also enjoy a drink at the weekends and the occasional...
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    Taylor Hawkins

    I think taylor deserves more credit than he gets due to dave grohl being the singer in the foos. personally i think taylors a better drummer. dave is more bonham and taylor is more stuart copeland. anyone agree?
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    TAYE;... i wanna buy these....

    these look cool and i have heard good things about taye drums. ... PIC&ih=006 anybody got some?
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    UK/US average salary Vs drums....

    ok. so i was browsing ebay today looking at drum stuff when i started looking at prices in the US compared to UK prices and decided to do a few comparisons. DW 9700 straight/boom stand...................UK= £95 / US= £70 DW 9000 double pedal.............................UK= £380 / US= £250...
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    Taylor Hawkins' Gretsch USA Custom....

    Just been browsing through my photos on my computer and found these i forgot about! last november i went to see the foo fighters in newcastle UK and managed to get a couple of snaps of Taylors drums at the end. thought i should put em' up on DML for all to see. they are not amazing photos but...
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    more recent photo of my kit...

    <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a> (camera phone pic)
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    Kick drum dampening!?

    OK, i have a 24x18 kick drum and have always used the common practice of a pillow inside the drum to dampen it. however, everytime i set my drums up at a gig i have to stick my hands in the porthole and move it around etc to get it in the right place and maybe im just lazy but, it annoys me...
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    old pearl export drums

    hi, just though you might like to see my old pearl export set that i recentently recovered in red fur! the drums were all scratched and battered a ive had them about 15 years now so i stripped them down, polished all the hoops, filled holes, and removed the middle sections of the lugs and...