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    Best of both worlds?

    A while ago I posted a topic about wether to buy drum cases or bags and really got some helpfull responses, but in the search for durable protection I've noticed that you can either buy bags, wich have a soft interior and also a 'soft' outer protection. Or cases wich have hard inside protection...
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    Your famous drummer memorabilia

    I was wondering if anyone has some drumstuff they got from drummers they admire, like sticks, broken cymbals, kits or autographes or anything? I've only got some sticks of local drummers and one of Byron McMackin, who's the drummer of Pennywise. Pretty proud of that one, since he's one of the...
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    Drumcases or Bags??

    I'm in the need for some protection for my drums. I'm gonna be needing a 9-piece drumcase or drumbag set, wich is gonna set me back alot. I've checked prices off like hardcase and that's gonna cost me 800 euro's, wich is about 900 dollars or something. So that makes me wonder why I shouldn't...
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    Strap or Chain?

    Maybe this topic has been posted many times, but I was wondering what is the real difference between a kevlar strap or the 'plastic' pearl straps, or a chain driven pedal. I've only ever played with chaindriven pedals. Is a strap smoother or something? Thanks!
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    Tama Springs

    About 2 months ago I've ordered two new cobra springs at my local musicstore. Today I called to ask what's taking them so long. After the guy at the store checked with the importer he called back to say that the springs will arrive in februari 2009?!! Has anyone ever had this problem of slow...
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    Iron Cobra Direct Glide?

    Heey, I'm not sure if I already asked this question before so here goes: Has anyone ever tried to convert iron cobra's to direct drive? It seems to me that direct drives are just bit faster somehow and the connection has proven it's worth on the axis and trick pedals. So why not a Iron Cobra...
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    What do hate about drumming?

    Just a different topic: What do you guys HATE about drumming? I'm sure everyone on a forum called 'Drums my life' would agree that drumming is a passion that can control many lives, in my case it also does, but there are still things that just wanna make me burn my sticks and smash my kit...
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    My new kit

    Yes as promised here are some pic's of my new kit. Very happy with it, played the entire set-up for the first time yesterday and it was great!! Great sounding drums, very powerfull, very low. I do have to get used to the set up, because everything is way up high, so I really have to make like...
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    how to put pic in post?!

    Heey Guys, I want to post some pic's of my new kit. I've read in the FAQ's that you've got to link the pic's to a picturehosting website or something. But here I see alot of posts with pic's inside them. Do you just "tow" them in there or do you have to upload first. Or does anyone know a...
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    thanks for the help

    Heey guys, thanks for the replies on my last post 'In need for advice' Just wanted to let you all know I've bought a new kit: Tama Artstar 2 Lars Signature. What a fucking beast of a drumkit!! Haven't played it yet, but going to this wednesday. Very exited about it all!!! Pictures comming up...
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    In need for some advice

    Heey guys, it's been a while since I posted something, but I'm in deperate need of your advice. I'm sort of in the middle of buying a second hand kit and have several options. All of em are 6 or 7 piece kits with or without some hardware. - Taye Rock pro - Tama Artstar ES - Mapex Pro M - Sonor...
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    Roland TD-20 Question

    Heey all, I got a question about the Roland TD-20 drumkit. I've been using it for like 2 years or so, and it really is great fun to play. In awhile i'm gonna record a pre-demo with my band and want to use the Roland. Everything sounds great, but I can't seem to get the snaredrum I want. There...
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    Has anyone ever tried...

    Heey I would like to know if anyone ever tried those Danmar metalkick or powerkickpads. It's a metalpad wich you can stick on you basedrum to get "the real heavymetalbassdrumsound" So if anyone ever tried it, is it as good as they say it is?
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    Tomheads for non-resonance kits

    Heey dudes and dudettes, I have another question regarding tomsheads and would like to hear your opinions. I play metal on a sort of vintage Premierkit. The kit comes standard without batterheads. The tomsizes are 12,13,15,16. The two smallest toms are equipped with single-ply evans heads, wich...
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    Heey all, I've recently watched alot of video's of drummers who explain different types of double bass techniques. From George Kollias's extreme fast single stroke technique via Derek Roddy's also extreme fast flatfoot technique to Tim Waterson's crazyf*cking double's with the heel/toe method...