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    My band, Dismal Tide

    Go here and check it:
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    Problems with Saluda lately

    Now, before we go into this, I don't want hear that my technique is bad, I glance blow the cymbals and don't have bad angles, I use Silver Fox JX wooden tip sticks. I have a lot of cymbals that are either Paiste, Meinl, or Sabian made that have been in my repitore for over 4-5 years, and I play...
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    Flying with gear, HALP!!

    Hey guys, Tomorrow my band is heading to California from Maryland to play the So Cal Deathfest. Any advice on flying drum gear? What to check, what to carry on? I have to bring my cymbals, a snare, sticks, and my pedals. I use roughly about 13 cymbals and have two cases, on is a hard SKB roto...
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    New video of just me at a show

    Nice drum cam angle my friend Nick got of me. You'll have to excuse my general lack of enthusiasm on this vid, my singer and bassist were getting out of hand at the beginning of the set and almost knocked my whole kit over, thus I was pretty pissed, hahaha!! I wish you could hear more of the...
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    Cool video of Marco Minneman's solo w/Necrophagist

    My friend Nick shot it, pretty awesome...
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    Video of my band It came out pretty good!
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    My Band shot a video

    This was all DIY, we paid a grand total of 300 for the whole thing!
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    New song my band just did...

    Go to our myspace at: Enjoy!
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    Some vid of me playing

    The first is my band, the second is a fill-in gig I've been doing.
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    Here's some pics of my kit, it's a Maryland Drum, DC series in the following sizes: 9X10, 10X12, 12X14, 14X16 toms, 18X22 kick, 6 1/4X14 20-Ply snare, all with powdercoated black hardware with a charcoal satin finish. My cymbals have changed up a tad since these photos, I am using: 8" Meinl...
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    Check out my band Dahlgren Prophecy

    Hey guys, I just found this place, thought I'd drop by and let you guys hear mt stuff!