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    In your eye's what's a legite cymbal company ?

    They say we live in the "Golden Age" of cymbalmaking. We certainly live during a prolific time of Drum/cymbal making and building. Today there are dozens if not hundreds of boutique drum companies. Some do all of there own work and some order keller shells with the bearing edges cut and the...
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    Sonor Cast Cymbals ?

    I was in a local store last week. It's actually a pretty poorly run 3 store mini chain. Checking out there cymbal selection They only had Sabian B8's a few B8 pro's ( as if there is such a thing) and then I saw one 20" ride it was a Sonor "cast" cymbal. I played it out of sheer curiosity and it...
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    Cymbal Section Criteria ?

    Hey everybody I can't help but ask. Who or what determines when a brand of cymbal get's it's own section ? I certainly can see why Zildjian, Sabian, Pasite and Meinl have their own sections. They are in the order I wrote Sales wise The four largest Brands in the world. According to Trade...
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    Drumming blog/ store blog

    Here's a link to my Blog some of you might find it interesting. Current subject bad experiences in music stores feel free to add to it
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    Craig's List this guy has got it down pat

    This guy is sooo on the money with this add I just had to share it with everybody. He says what I think almost everytime I go on that site it's not funny read:
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    Rotaiting cymbal brands.

    One of the intresting aspect's to this cymbal forum is that you have brands with already established threads. I think that's a great idea beacuse it funnels the inevitable questions about brand X to it's own thread. Keeping the general forum from being clogged with a lot of repeat and brand...