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    Anyone know where to find premade drum samples?

    I need some for my guitarist to play to, much thanks
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    Since I don't really see too much talk of reggae drumming here i figured i'd post a sick reggae band with a great drummer, pretty popular in the reggae scene, Groundation-Seesaw
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    My band covering entombment of a machine

    Sorry the vid's kinda shit quality, but we figured we would make the scene kids dance and throw down some JFAC
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    Since everyone knows I'm just a critical bast****

    I figured i'd post the band im playing for's rough demo. So everyone can get a shot back at me ... 078cf01ca7
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    A deuzy of a question

    If I want to add an image to my signature, what do I do? the simple "img src=etc>" isn't working for me and I suck with computers. Help :(