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    No, surprisingly this isn't another one of my hating-on-guitarists threads! :D Just wondering who are y'all's favourite guitarists? My top 5, painstakingly chosen: 1. Mark Knopfler 2. David Gilmour 3. Brian May 4. Eric Clapton 5. Jimi Hendrix That was harder than I thought it would be...
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    So My College... officially a University! Now I'm incredibly stoked cause that means now I can get a film degree instead of just a diploma. Score.
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    Reggae Buffs

    I've been wanting to learn reggae drumming for a while now, but never really know where to start. Any basic principles/theory I should learn about it? And what are some good basic beats to practice? Also, if you'd recommend any books or websites you've found useful, please let us know! Cheers.
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    Favourite Bass Guitarist?

    Ok, well we all know that a good drummer knows a good bass guitarist when he hears one. So who are y'all's favourites? John Entwhistle hands down for me. The God of the Bass Guitar. Although I do like Rick Savage from Def Leppard as well. He's got his own funky way about his playing, and he's...
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    How About Pick Withers?

    Original drummer for the Dire Straits. Dunno how well-known he is to the drumming community at large, but he always seemed to me a Mitch Mitchell type of character - excellent drummer, but totally overshadowed by the frontman of the band. I've been listening to the drumming on the first four...
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    The Who on VH1 Rock Honours

    Anyone catch it? HELL YEAH! The lads still got it! :twisted: Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go sprain my deltoids doing air guitar windmills.
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    How Come...?

    It doesn't show who the last poster in a thread is anymore? It just shows the author now.
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    Haha kinda feel like I'm going to regret asking this question. But here's the pedal I was looking at, and just wondering what the 'cams' are. ... sku=448278
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    Stupid Things Guitarists Say

    So, out of all these not infrequent 'guitaristisms', as I like to call them, which is your all-time low? Tough choice, innit? Arguably I'll have to take number 3. The sheer nerve of it! You can't so much as hold a drumstick properly, let alone two at the same time, and think you can tell me how...
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    Stump, a Police-Related Question

    So, this little story takes place in British Columbia, Canada. In BC, Canada, before one can get one's full driver's license, one has to have a 'Novice' driver's licence for 2 years, which entails displaying an 'N' sticker on the back of one's car. Now, supposing you had a roadblock set up and...
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    So, just took an online quiz...

    Turns out, if I was any famous drummer, I would be John Bonham! Score! Go me. :D
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    About China Cymbals

    I've been thinking about adding one to my kit but I don't want to spend a hell of a lot on it, as it'll be a tasteful sort of addition, as opposed to something I use every single song. More just like something to add a bit of flavour in certain songs. However, I've also heard that China...
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    Anybody use these bad boys? Don't have any personally, but was wondering what someone who does thinks of them.
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    Indiana Jones!

    Still my all-time favourite movies since I was eight! I just went and saw the 4th one and I'm going to go against the grain of all the whiners and say I loved it. Didn't disappoint any of my hopes, lived up to all my expectations, and was just plain old classic Indy in every way! Dunno what all...
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    Custom Bass Drum Skins

    Hey does anyone know where you can get custom skins done for your bass drum? As in, a resonant skin with your own design on the front. Or do you have to be sponsored by the skin company for that?