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    Trick drums?

    I know someone here has heard a set or played on one or maybe even own one? What do you think? I've just discovered them over the internet, I have a Pro 1V pedal and in the market for a new kit. They're a bit pricey but i'm willing to spend money on a good set.
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    Marines or Navy?

    Went and talked to a Navy recruiter, next on my list is the Marines.. Can't find a worthwhile job? Go into the Military! Only downside I can think of for the Navy is the relocation. I wouldn't like that at all. Marines I know is tough work but for some reason that kind of work appeals to me...
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    How late is too late?

    I want to start playing the guitar. I have all these song ideas in my head but I can't really explain them. I'm 23 have been playing drums for 11-12 years. I just hope it doesnt take me that long to be any good at playing the guitar. What i'm wondering is would I be wasting my time..?
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    GRRR!!!!! my Ipod was stolen out of my friends house :(

    Let my buddy borrow it for a week and what do you know? Someone steals it right out of his house because he left it laying around. I wonder if apple can track stolen ipods if they plug it into their computer. I highly doubt it :( Looks like someone owes me $250
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    How much practice do you get?

    This winter I was doing at least 4-5 hours a day, sitting there watching tv and playing video games while tapping away, even had the neighbor knock on my wall to keep it down because I was tapping so much hah(unemployment sucks). It's almost become an impulsive thing for me, now I take my...
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    So i've been trying to come up with my own music

    I don't play the guitar or anything, but my friend let me use this program that he uses called Fruity Loops, and you can 'simulate' a guitar and program your own drums using Drum Kit from Hell, which by the way he told me is expensive as ****. Now what i've been trying to do is come up with my...
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    Durable cymbals?

    I finally cracked my AAX Metal crash. After 5 years of ACTUALLY trying to crack it, it finally did. Now i'm in the market for a new crash, not sure on the size.. little smaller then a ride, and hopefully would like something more durable then the AA's which seem a little thin for me. I need...
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    How unprofessional is this?

    This saturday we have a show that we're headlining. We're supposed to play for 45 minutes but we only have a ~30 minute set at the moment (really we are under-prepared for this). It's for a charity so we're not getting paid. Do people really look down on this? I mean it's 15 minutes, we're...
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    How would you count this break down?

    Alright, i'm listening to this band I came accross the other day. And I have never been good at figuring out counting and the likes. Sometimes It just out right confuses me. I know this will probably be easy for some of you if not all of you. But please don't make fun of me for it ;)...
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    What can you do on off days?

    Seriously. When i'm having a bad day drumming it sucks balls. It seems like I can't do anything. I have no groove, I feel lazily tired, simple tasks like singles and doubles (warming up) seem like choars, just overall I feel like i'm being weighed down with 100lb weights on my drumming limbs. It...
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    For you band guys

    how long did it or does it take you to play shows. From the time your band formed untill you play your first show? It's taken us a while now. It's been over a year and we've only played our first 2 shows not even 2 months ago. It takes us over a month to write a song. Anyone else take this long?
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    I need you guys to rip me a new a-hole

    Not literally of course. I need some critiquing, came back from the studio yesterday with the first 2 songs. Please lay it on me it's the only way I can learn. nebraska-n-metal-t16845.html
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    Do you make a living off of drums?

    Just curious. I'm going broke, and i'm jobless atm, maybe I can sit on the corner and play a trashcan haha
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    How many of you have been sponsered by a company?

    Just wondering. Cymbals, sticks, drums, drum heads. Who here is sponsered and what does one have to do to be apart of it?
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    Having problems with my wrists lately

    Lately i've been noticed a problem with my right wrist. It feels like arthuritus or something, and i notice it more and more each practice with my band. We play metal, and I try to relax the best I can but every hit on the ride, and every crash sends a painful vibration in my wrist. I know my...