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    any suggestions smart people?

    im 15 years old im diabetic and have neuropathy in my hands due to that ok the problem is my neuopathy makes it hard to feel my hands hard to hold on to things and it misleads my hands like sometimes i gotta look at them to see what im doing and my sticks constantly are coming out and my hands...
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    round or square?

    ive never seen this topic before so whats better in your opinion round beaters or square beaters round for me...
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    i know this gets old but DB help?

    call me a noob or whatever you want but im looking for an intermediate double bass pedal not a cobra or anything right now im using a VEX but it just is a poorly made pedal sorry :lol:
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    Good books for learning to read music

    i need some help learning to read drum music i know basics but anyone know some good books?
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    Musicians Friend

    who else absolutely loves this site ive never had a problem
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    i need help ... sku=449327 is this a good tom stand i know its not a pearl or gibralter but i think it looks ok
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    U joints...

    ok i think its called a U joint but what helps if your U joint keeps slipping off on your double bass pedal how can i make it stay on nomatter how hard i screw it on?
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    do any yall got stories about mosh pits id like to hear them cuz i like to mosh plus dont it seem the bigger the mosh the better the drum solo sometimes?
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    good for bottom of my toms?

    i just got in my remo pinstripe heads and i want to know what a good tom head for the bottom is
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    i just got a cool idea i know most of you have a myspace if you do please add me i know some of you have links and stuff but honestly i suck at the computer my URL is jesuslovesuSCOTT if you find me it will be a pic of me in a small hat playing my drums=]
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    sheila E. or neil peart

    i dont know if i even did this right or if i spelled neil peart right but u know what i mean
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    how do i make my toms sound better?

    please let me know how i could make my toms sound better
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    bottom of toms

    i see a lot of drummers with no bottoms on theyre toms ......whats that for?
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    what do YALL use gaffa tape for?

    id like to know what everyone uses gaffa tape for
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    haha my bad whats gaffer tape?

    ive played shows and i keep hearing how i need gaffer tape whats that?