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    Premier XPK

    okok these aren't xpk's, it's just an eccelent drumming face <img src=""> these are: <img src=""> <img...
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    hats and crash...

    i was wondering... How much are 14" k mastersound high-hats worth? i think there from the 80's they have bold wrighting and no 'soundedge' wavy bottom, and i was wondering what kind of highhats that the drummer from weezer uses... i want somthing that sounds clean and dryish when closed, but...
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    Snare Cord

    how do you tie snare cord? i lost the metal plate thing that you skew down on it, and the crappy knot i have now isn't really cutting it...
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    tom mounting

    i have a premier xpk drums and i can't get the toms where i want them... i was thinking getting an attachment to go on my cymbal stand to hold them, but i don't know what size to get, or what stuff is the best. any idea on how i should mount them would be helpful...
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    Practice kits

    i was thinking about getting one of those practice pad kits, or the Pearl Rhythm Traveler because i'm about to move somewhere where i have to be really quiet... but then i thought about, and couldn't i just buy mesh heads and put them on my normal kit and it would be just as quiet as one of...
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    paiste 2000 ride

    i am wanting to trade my 20" paiste 2000 power ride for another ride. something well rounded medium type. any brand it dosent matter. my cymbal is in great condition.
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    what would you pay for this?

    29 inch Istanbul, funky rock ride ,heavy lots of ping ,unlathed bell, loud.145. A zildjian 22 constantiople, pingy medium weight some wash, great bell. well??? i'm not selling it (right now) i'm just wondering
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    zildjian Edge ride

    can anyone give me some information about the zildjian edge ride? i found a good deal on one, but i have no idea how it sounds.
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    Bass pedal

    What do yall use to lube up your bass drum pedals? i heard not to use wd40. i used to use this old sowing machine oil my mom had but well i dono where it went. yep.
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    zild k mastersound 14"

    i have some zildjian k mastersound 14" hh's i'm looking to sell or trade. i think there from the 80's. i'm looking to get some 2002's or some type of a's or aax.
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    looking for snare hoops

    i'm looking for top and bottom snare hoops for a 14". pictures please if you have some..
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    Left foot on hat

    dose anyone have some good beats or lessens to help with learning how to use the high hat to make that chick sound while playing the ride or toms?