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    current set up

    here's what i've been using for the last 2 years or so live: DW kit: 14X20 kick 9X12 rack 12X14 floor 5X14 slingerland snare (40's shown w/ '63 on the road as well) all DW hardware except tama leverglide hi hat stand (old style) DW 5000 pedal w/ nylon strap (back up is the same too) 14"...
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    pearl export jazz series kit for sale

    i bought this kit for this tour to australia and japan that i am on and almost done with (needed another kit to bring because i didn't want to bring my DW) in the next few days. i didn't end up bringing because the clubs ended up backlining everything, so i left the kit at home. i need to...
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    greetings everyone

    the name's bruce and i live in FTW, TX. i've been playing drums for 21 years with the last 10 of it being as a professional. most of my touring has been here in TX, but i have done 2 tours to europe as well as numerous tours all over the US. my current boss's website is in my sigtag and...
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    hi, i'm new to the forum and after looking on ebay just now and not finding what i need i thought i'd ask you fine folks. i have an overseas tour coming up at the end of the month and when the band i'm in first signed up on this tour (via the army) they told us the MAX weight per case...