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    Pearl SRX (new setup with cable hi-hat)

    Drums: Pearl SRX Prestige Session Select - 7 ply maple/mahogany, teal finish 22x16" kick 10x10", 12x9", 14x12", toms 13x3" Pearl steel piccolo snare Pearl Eliminator single kick pedal Pearl cable remote hi-hat LP cowbell Cymbals: 14" Avedis mastersound hi-hats 16" K dark crash medium thin 18"...
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    Hardware upgrade question

    Hey, guys. My Yamaha cymbal stands and Pearl tom arms are in dire need of replacement. They were once decent, but they've been used since the mid-90s. The cymbal stands will not stay at one height for long and the tom arms will not support the weight of my toms anymore. Any suggestions on...
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    Two projects I've had going for a while.
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    Finally picked up a cable hi-hat stand and got the setup I w

    As always, it's my Pearl SRX (10x9, 12x9, 14x12, 22x18, Pearl ECX 16x16) Zildjian A (14" Mastersound hats, 18" crash, 20" riveted ride) Zildjian K (16" K dark thin crash, 20" ride) Pearl Sensitone brass snare (14x6) Evans Genera G1 Coated batter, G1 Clear resonant heads on the toms Evans EMAD2...
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    Finally, some pics of my new ink!

    All designed by me and my younger brother, done in the last two months.
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    New recordings. Rock/Blues/Indie jam band. Two new songs and one live song are up. "Your Touch" is a cool bluesy piece written by our bassist. Upbeat, but laid back. "About a Band" is a pop rock medley with honky-tonk piano and four-part harmonies. And we have a live version of "Peace and Love," our opus...
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    We've been invited to play Toad's Place again.

    Our last show had a great turnout, so they invited us back. We're playing with a band called The Strangers. Toads Place 300 York Street, New Haven CT August 15, 2008 We'll be putting reduced-price tickets online for printout, if anyone is interested.
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    Y is playing @ Toad's Place

    We're being featured at the 3rd annual Summer Slam. Friday, July 4th 2008 Toad's Place 300 York Street. New Haven, CT 6:3pm - 11:55pm Tickets are $10.00 at the door. Print out that picture and show it to them at the door to get in half-price. This is a huge show for us, to play at the same...
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    Something I've been working on...

    I've been combining pieces from old drum kits I've restored. Here are some pics. (work in progress)
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    My band is playing with the Disco Biscuits.

    Just got a call from the venue asking us to play with the Disco Biscuits. Webster Theater Hartford CT 06314 7:00 pm June 13th, 2008
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    Any writers here?

    Hey guys. I've been writing since I was about eight years old and I just recently came into my own with a short story of sorts. I'm hoping to make it into a longer potential novella, but I'm not sure. I've got seven chapters so far and I was wondering if anyone here was a writer who wouldn't...
  12. break the prism << New funk/latin based live

    Hey guys. I just got finished posting some tracks from last night's set. One based on a latin clave rhythm called Peace and Love, and one funk rock song called Burn to the Floor. I thought maybe you'd want to check them out. There is also a live version of our laid back, bluesy song C-Jam...
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    My band in the studio (3/8/08)

    We just started recording sessions for some new material that we've written and we were able to get some pics in. Drums is funs. Me, recording maracas and one-shot shakers. That vocal mic is sensitive enough to pick up a car door slamming across the street...and Kevin decides to jump around...
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    My Pearl SRX (with the new ride!!!)

    Finally got some rivets for the ride. Here it is with my kit! Something different. Vintage A ride with 6 Copper rivets Pearl SRX 22x18, 10x9, 12x9, 14x12 13x3.5 piccolo snare Zildjians - 20" A riveted ride, 18" A medium crash, 19" K dark thin crash, 16" K dark medium thin crash, 14" A...
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    Glenn Graham

    Here's some videos of his playing with Blind Melon...I tried to find ones with a lot of footage of him. An here's one of them in the studio recording a Zeppelin tribute, where Glenn talks about John Bonham's influence on him (1:23) and...