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    Coughing Fit

    first two songs by me and my buddy. we're trying to find a bassist but for now i think this stuff sounds pretty good. Metal song acoustic song edit: deleted acoustic song
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    What did santa bring you?

    i got a brand new roc n soc throne with a back, a feild recorder, band shirts, music, and a bunch of sticks. i must have been on the nice list! what did you guys get?
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    factory tour

    we'll apparently my dad want to see if i could get a factory tour of the place. this is sort of a two part post. ill let you all know what it was like when i go.
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    new vids!

    i put up one of the new kit set up and one of me playing. double bass sorta sucks but the rest is pretty good. let me know what you think! :D
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    new kit! thanks dose

    Drums: Pearl ECX maple kit lava red 8" rack 10" rack 12" rack 14" floor 14" snare 22" kick Cymbals: 14" paiste proto hats 14" sabian b8 crash 16" zildjian a custom crash 18" sabian b8 crash/ride 18" sabian aa metal x china 18" a custom chine 21" saluda nemesis ride 22" zildjian z custom ride...
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    drumosaurus i need to ask you a serious question....

    we've all hinted at another crusade. but i think we should start another crusade. i mean we've had 1. the christians had like 7! its up to you but we all should have another crusade.
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    trading fours

    ok i got this idea from a drum video by mike johnston. i think it would be cool if everyone would make some videos of us trading fours. if we could get a forum wide vid going of everyone playing and trading fours with eachother would be sick. my inspiration for the idea...
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    quick little cover

    so this was a cover of basket case i did with my punk guitarist a couple months ago i just forgot to put it up anywhere. hes now in college and he comes back to westboro everyonce and a while and we'll jam we're not really doing anything professional though. so yeah heres basket case. ps...
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    moeller/push pull stroke

    ok so i was at guitar center a couple of days ago just jamming away at guitar center a couple of days ago and a guy walks in to return a 10" paragon splash. so he gives it to the guy and says ok hold on i got to do something, heres a pair of sticks. he comes over right to the electronic kit...
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    laptop help

    well as of recently ive been looking into a laptop very seriously. right now its one of the main purchases im looking at making. problem is that im not sure whats good for a musician. macs look like a good pic because of garage band/protools. but they are way too expensive. microsoft has some...
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    saluda 21" nemesis ride

    looking to sell 21" ride for $130. ill have pics up later today. pm if your interested
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    Pandora Online Radio

    well i found out about this website a couple months ago, thought id let all of you guys know about it. its really cool you type in a band or song that you like and it make it like a "station" and then try to play songs that match the style of the band or song that you picked. if you make a...
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    fun game "punk-o-matic"

    i thought this was a neat little game i found its fun to mess around and make songs. and by the title of the game it sorta implies that this is a punk music maker, but none the less fun. if you guys want when your done go the save feature and...
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    police brutality wtf

    how are people like this the ones that are "upholding" the law. like shouldn't this go under police brutality for the chocking of the girl? i dont know thats just me let me know what you think of this video and this topic as a whole
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    Has the Missing Link Been Found???

    anthropologists all over the world just crapped their pants