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    A few pictures of my old set

    Like Drum Plus this kit was a hybrid of 2 different kits. The smaller toms were Ludwig power toms and the larger ones were Westburys. The small kick was a converted 18" floor tom. The rotos are of course Remos. All Sabian cymbals and various hardware. The Ludwigs were given to me and I had them...
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    A Hockey Joke

    The Detroit Red Wings get wind of this hockey player is Iraq who is supposed to be better then Gretzky. So they send a talent scout over and he so impressed he signs him right away. Two weeks later Detroit is playing Montreal and is losing 4-0. The coach give Mohammed the nod and in he goes. In...
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    Been doing some work on my Tamas

    The Medicine man snare looks good with this set. Put brand new heads on all the drums except for the 14" rack tom. Someone ordered the wrong dang head! :twisted:
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    My Vinatge Tamas

    I just got these Saturday Night. Paid 500.0 for them with a parallel Tama snare. I love them. Now what Clor do they look to you?
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    Medicine man snare and my set

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    Binkx is here

    Some dude named Timekeep 69 said to check this place out so I did. A bit about me... i have the world's crappiest drumset called Westburys. I have recently obtained for myself an authentic Medicine man snare drum which is totally beautiful. Some guy named PJ made it and if I say any more kind...