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    Rikki Rockett (Poison)

    Yes, I realize he is nowhere near the best drummer. But, he is my favorite drummer, and a nice show drummer. He really gets the crowd into it with all of his tricks and stuff. He is very exciting to watch. And his stage name is freaking cool! 8) 8) Anybody else know of him or heard of him?
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    Audition help from anybody and everybody

    So, I have an audition this saturday and I need to be able to play swing, jazz, rock, broadway top 40 and ballroom music. I have the jazz, swing and rock down. But, wtf is the broadway top 40? i looked it up, and it gave me a link that said like stairway to heaven, we will rock you, and in the...
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    anybody goin?
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    Hey all, I get this really bad blister on my index finger everytime i play my kit...which is usually only on fridays and saturdays. but i is horrible. ive tried super glue, and now i put athletic tape over it, and that keeps it down. but, does anyone know of anyways to keep the blister...
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    direct drive vs double chain

    hey, i was just wondering what the difference was between the two. thanks.
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    the rev from avenged sevenfold

    hey, just wondering, is it true that "Rev," the drummer from Avenged Sevenfold cheats with his double bass? I've heard that he uses a special pedal where all he has to do is rock his foot back and forth. Any truth to this.
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    I have been drumming seriously for about 8 years now, and I have never had a blister this bad. Does anyone know what to use for blisters? I have tried super glue, and that doesnt work, and I am currently using a special bandage tape that I got from a doctor when I broke my hand. Just wondering...