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    Sabian 20" AA Rock Crash

    I'm trying to either sell this thing for 100 dollars or trade it for a different 20" crash. E mail me for more information/pictures.
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    Snares check it out.

    Hey whats up i havnt been on here in quite some time. but im in need of money and was wondering if i can try to sell these snares on here. One is the Vinnie Paul Signature Snare i have 14x8 Pearl brand. $150.00 (obo) The other is a Mapex 10x5.5 (i think) side snare with universal clamp. $50.00...
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    my new bands first gig

    So i am now in a soft rock band. and our very first gig is at Abbey Road on The River in Louisville kentucky. =]
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    Zildjian Ride

    So since im getting a new Paiste ride i'd like to sell my Zildjian avedis ride. It's just a regular Zildjian Avedis 20" ride. no cracks, keyholes, dents no damage, just some stick marks. I'm not too sure the market value of the ride so maybe 130 plus shipping? Email me at
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    Carmine Appice china

    so theres a guy i live by who is selling his Carmine Appice signature 18" china. i was wondering if anyone has this china, or if its a good deal?
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    So i've decided.....

    To go the Nicko Mcbrain Relfletor series ride!!!!!! I'm probablly going to order it tomorrow. =] =] =] im so excited, itll be my newest upgrade since my Superkick II lol.
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    Newest setup.

    So i've decided to use my Mapex kit now. and play with it some. I really like the setup i got, i just need a few more little toys and ill be super happy. =] heres a pic. Drums: Mapex M Birch 22X18 Kick 10, 12 rack toms. 16" Floor tom. 14" matching snare. 14"x8" Vinnie paul signature snare...
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    RIP DIO..

    Rest In Peace Ronnie James Dio. He was a big influence to a lot of musicians. He will be missed. Here is a passage about his death. ... at-67.html
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    yamaha stage custom advantage

    my mom got me 2 yamaha stage custom drums, thier a discontinued sereis i found out. umm she got a 16x16 floor tom and a 14x12 rack. How much could i get for these?
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    some groovy singles?

    I need some pretty good single pedals around 70 bucks a pop? and was wondering what are some good ones? maybe used cobras?
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    80's sound heads?

    I want to get the deep tom sound, like Lars had back in the 80's. i know its the micing system and stuff that change it some, but i would like to get a similar sound out of my toms. and i want to get a nice dry snare sound. and a click on my bass drums, what heads should i get? supperkick II's...
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    Man! this site is dead.

    could actually use a lot of info on a bunch of different topics, but cant get any because noone posts here anymore. :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
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    New ride help.

    Im selling my old Zildjian A ride, i want something with the bell a little louder, and the rest or the ride with a nice little sound to it, doesnt have to be crashable. maybe like a 22" sabian AAX? or jimmy degrasso sig? I really want a nice ride, or maybe a paiste reflector 22" The nicko sig? i...
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    gear for sale.

    okay so i got some stuff for sale, i got it on craigslist, but figured id put it here too. sqiuer guitar amp. 15 watts i think. -40 bucks. pulse steel snare,-20 bucks Crate 4 channel PA head- 70 bucks. old gibralter single pedal- 20 bucks. Mapex 5 pc sheel pack- 420. umm im not sure if im...
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    Nicko Kit

    I want to get a drumset like Nicko's i want to have like 6 or 7 rack toms and 2 or 3 floor toms but i want two bass drums also. i want a huge monster kit. ... 789320.jpg that's the kit ima bass my next drumset on. try to mimic that one on drum...