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    Odd pet request

    my other half wants a skunk. without the pouch of course? Thoughts??
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    Going to see Steve Smith tomorrow night!

    His jazz band's at Devereux tonight for $20. He's doing a clinic at Hotel Utica tomorrow for $25. I'm thinking about just doing the clinic. What do you guys think? This will be a great chance for me to meet someone who's influenced my playing in such ways that he has. Wish me luck with...
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    Laying off the kit

    I'm moving out today and I can't bring it with me. So, I figure sticks, a pad, and a folder with exercises in it. I may not be around much, as my friend doesn't have internet at his place. So, until I'm on again, PEACE! -Brad
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    I just got the shock of my life

    One of my best friends, last night told my fiance that he wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. Now, I was unaware of this til this morning when i called her. She told me to not worry about him, that I was the only one who mattered to her. I believe her, but I'm scared. Her last...
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    Zen, this is in your area...

    13" head sighed by terry bozzio. I want it, but I'm stretched thin for cash Lucky...I wish I still lived in 'chester... but then again, I'm moving soon, anyway...
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    Completely Ot

    i recently got a cell phone, and i have a usb cable for it. there are pictures i would like to get from my computer to the phone. Any help guys? nothing on it in the user's guide...
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    You guys are good at ID'ing kits...

    Here's one for ya: Any ideas?
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    Ive got an old tama rockstar steel snare...

    Not sure where to put this. But, the snare wires aren't coming into contact w/ the reso head and I've pulled them as tight as I can. No good. I think the stock throw off may be the problem. Any models compatible with the rockstar snare, or any suggestions you guys could give me would be...
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    Looking at putting new heads on the Pulse

    I am looking for a sound that can pull off AC/DC, Queensryche, Staind, Breaking Benjamin, and the Foo Fighters. I'm thinking of either Evans Hydraulic glass or G2 Coated. It's a 7 pc- 2x14" snares (only touching one), 10", 12", and 13" rack toms, with a 16" floor tom. Any feedback would be...
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    Drums and Radon

    Does radon impact drum at all? The "safe" limit for radon concentration in NY is 4 ppm. In my basement where my set is, the level is off the charts- 38ppm. Any suggestions?
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    I feel as if I got ripped off

    I recieved a 6 pc Pulse Pro Lacquer set in natural finish, but it was missing another tom arm. So, on Saturday, I went downtown to the only music shop in Oneida and they had exactly what I needed for once. There was only one in stock. ... 34-inches/...
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    Are either of these good deals?

    I live in NY close to Syracuse. Help? Thanks.
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    ever heard of em? music123 has them for 400 for a maple/birch set. thoughts?
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    4 pc

    can you switch the tom from the left (looking from the throne) to the right? That's my main question on whether to get a 4 pc or 5.
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    I'm looking at a new cymbal set with sabians. right now i'm considering: 13" aa regular hats 16" xs20 med-thin crash 18" xs20 med-thin crash 18" xs20 crash/ride 20" xs20 rock ride 14" B8 pro china 10" aa splash my budget is around $800 and i nee hats, 2 crashes, ride, china, splash at a...