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    Got mics... NOW WHAT????????????????

    uhhh yea... been looking at some mics 4 some time time now and i just realized i have no clue what to or buy after i get the mics. I know this is probaly a stupid question 4 most of u, but any help would be awesome. And id be really awesome if u could go into detail.
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    meinl ride help

    i just heard a bunch of cymbals from meinl after taking the 3 HOUR trip to atlanta (well worth it) and meinl has (in my opinion of course) some of best cymbals ive ever heard (and ive heard alot) i couldnt leave without a 16in byzance trad crash. l hope to have all meinls 1 day. but anyway the...
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    i wanna try aqurian need help

    ive been a long time remo user and i cant rly find what im looking 4 so i think ima try aqurian out. I need a 2- ply coated head for a 14x14 floor tom (ash) something similar to coated pinstripes with more punch and attack. If aqurian can make my floor tom sound decent, my entire kit is gettin a...
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    HHX 17" Stage Crash

    After breaking my saluda cymbal in half after 30 minutes of playing it :evil: [ima get so much shit 4 saying that, but its true] I decieded to suck it up and go back to the big 4 particually Sabian. I went to go get either an AAX-plosion or an HHX-plosion while the x-plosions were very nice, I...
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    1st time saluda buyer, wtf am i doing?

    ok ive been reading alot of saluda posts on DML and it sounds really cool to get a "pro" cymbal for like 150$. So now, here comes a series of annoying questions: 1. can someone give me a comparison of cymbal lines. Like sabian AA is equal to saluda ??? 2. what excactly can this Jamie dude do for...
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    AAX-PLOSION "Fast" Crash?

    2 questions: i need a new fast/primary crash from SABIAN. Has anyone heard the AAX-PLOSION FAST crashes? {It seems like it would be way too thin to use as a primary crash.} 2. any suggestions for a fast/primary crash? preferably AA or AAX. DONT TELL ME TO TRY IT OUT! IF I COULD, I WOULDNT ASK...