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    Yamaha Dualing Dragon Direct drive

    Just won one on ebay for $200 shipped. I remeber playing one a couple years back and loving the direct drive feel. Anyone else play these pedals? Opinions? BTW I plan on upgrading the drive link for the slave with an axis drive sonn. :twisted:
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    Screw clean cymbals

    so as the title states I have given up on cleaning cymbals seeing as I love darker sounding cymbals. Well to day I was surfing the net and found a way to patina your cymbals faster using vinegar and kosher salt. I said what the hell and put some on a 16" PsT5 thin crash, which doesn't please my...
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    The Flobots

    I just came home from a great concert from the band The Flobots. They are more hip hop but they have live musicians on the record and on tour. The drummer has a mad groove in my opinion they are worth checking out, especially with a $12 ticket price.
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    Newer Pics w/ my Saludas

    Drums: Tico Torres snare (pictured) 14x6.5 Free Floater Yamaha Brass 14x6.5 (not pictured) EXR set: 10,12,13,14,16,22 Cymbals: Saluda Mist-x17&18 inch thin crashes and 14 inch Inverted Crash (prototype) Saluda Voodoo Pre aged 19 inch China Wuhan 12 inch splash ( I will never get rid of it it's...
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    Miami, Fl June 22

    Miami, Fl June 22 my band, Amnesty, will be playing Drakes in Kendal, 88th and 137 behind Don Pan. I play bass in this band (my main band). Doors open @ noon. Say amnesty @ the door!
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    alternative to Yamahya sub kick!

    Hey guys I just thought I would tell you about my newest experiment! Try this out for your next project. Get a hold of a bass speaker, I like to use 10 inch woofers from bass amps, Take a xlr cable cut the male end off and expose the wires next take a look at the speaker find the positive side...
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    Economic Stimulus

    What do you plan on doing with yours, I am thinking Axis longboards. BTW if you don't know what it is, it's a totally pointless tax refund, that gets applied to your next year tax refund, that Bush believes will bost the economy. It might but only for a month.
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    New bass head

    I had an Emad2 and the damn plastic ring ripped and kept rattling, so I put on a powersonic that I had and I hate it, I might have a dud because even a 75 on a drum dial I could find wrinkles in the middle of the head, so today I am going to buy a new head. I was thinking of a coated EQ3 or...
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    New heads

    I am going to buy some new heads after 6 months of hard use they are in direr need of replacing. I have EC2's now and while they were good at first after a month or so they became harder to keep in tune esp. at low tunings. I have been thinking of coated G2's or Emperors or possibly hydraulics...
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    Saluda Cymbal Review!!

    Whats up guys I have had my new Saluda cymbals for about two weeks now.I order a Mist-x 17 & 18 inch thin crashes and a 19 inch Voodoo pre-aged. I have got to say I was a little nervous buying without trying them but, it was much better then spending $200 a crash for an A custom or AAX Dark...
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    [amnestyslowend] My EXR sexports

    7peice pearl export in strata White Racks 10,12,13 ec2s over stock resos Floors 14,16 snares exr 14x5, yamaha Brass 14x6.5, and pacific 13x3.5 picolo(last two not pictured) Bass 22x18 Emad2 w/ regulator reso The rack toms and the 14 inch hanging floor is tunned in a major arpeggio with the 16 a...
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    drum thrones

    I just got a Roc n' Soc throne with a back rest and I never knew what a differance it makes!!!! I can double pedal way easier :lol: BTW I used to have a Tama round that was totally busted up, the wood under the padding broke in half!! It was really hard to keep balance and concentrate on...
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    Setting up a stack?!

    How do you set one up? :!:
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    My band

    I play bass (my primary) in this band. We have won numerous battle of the bands in Miami,Fl. We have a demo thats about 3 yrs old and recorded when the band was together for about 3 months so yeah... we sound a little different now but this is a basic idea of how we sound so .....enjoy!! :D...
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    Remo Power Stroke 4

    I know PST4s are kickheads but I saw one on a 14 inch tom at a local college recording studio it sounded great, big, fat, and full! But I cant seem to find these heads any where. Dose anyone know where I could find these?