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    FASTER THAN THE SPEED OF LIGHT sci-fi musical ATX 5/28-6/13

    Well, this thing's finally gonna start. check out the website: Written by Stanley Roy Williamson and Jeremy Roye Directed by Kelli Bland Musical Direction by Henna Chou Album Production and Mix by Alan Boatright and Jeremy Roye Faster Than the Speed...
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    This is required watching. Watch and learn.
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    been working on the album for a very unique musical

    Faster Than the Speed of Light: The Musical! a few of the songs up on the page. they run the gamut from acoustic strings/bassoon/drums/uke to full-on electronic dance to atmospheric ambient interludes. and that's just the songs I have up there now...
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    pics from opening for that 1 guy w/ chase frank

    this was last friday. packed show, lot of fun. here's the crowd from the back about a half hour before showtime. this is chase, the other band member. she puts her guitar through a sampling/looping pedal and some other cool effects gear, and creates huge throbbing layers of looped guitar...
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    wow there's no weckl thread in here?

    NONE...just the one with the weckl/gadd/colaiuta vid. anyway, apparently, even though I thought he was a monster when I saw him years ago, he's gotten even more ridiculously good. This is some ridiculous stuff, played with AWESOME feel.
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    some pics from a gig a couple weeks ago.

    these are from one of the gigs played during south by southwest here in austin. I played with two bands that day: Chase Frank and I'm Gorgeous Inside.
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    AUSTIN: sxsw "unofficial" gigs

    I always find it hilarious that bands pay sxsw to play, as we do "unofficial" parties and seem to get HILARIOUS turnouts. anyway, I'm doing stuff on both days of this party: playing with I'm Gorgeous Inside on Friday and Chase Frank both days, and dj'ing a couple of hours on wednesday. I'm...
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    WHAT THE HECK IS THIS METHOD FOR KICK DOUBLE STROKES CALLED? Watch this video. It's a solo by Elvin Jones. Amazing. About 4:15 in they start showing some closeups of his right foot doing double strokes. This is EXACTLY the same technique I use for getting doubles. Seriously, I did a huge double take when they...
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    six7teen practice vid song's called "the drive". I was super sick when we recorded this. Sound's blown out due to it being recorded in a small practice space, but you can hear what's going on.
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    narada michael walden

    before he became a pop music producer, he used to play drums with mahavishnu orchestra. SHREDDING!@!! Definitely kept up with what cobham did before. check this madness out. video quality is kind of crap, but the sound is fairly good. here's...
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    matt cameron

    this guy's playing with soundgarden was nothing short of some of the best heavy rock drumming ever. sublime, inventive, and that elusive ability to make something complex groove so hard you don't notice the technique involved. I LOVE the groove to Jesus Christ Pose...
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    so first, the forum was down earlier this morning...

    ...and now it comes back up and looks completely different, as if it's been migrated to a different server/software. zen?
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    to all the vets:

    it's veterans day. on this, the day to remember and appreciate your service, I say thanks. You ARE remembered AND appreciated!
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    I went to see Buckethead on Saturday. What a show! The opener was a gentleman going under the name of That 1 Guy. He played this homemade instrument that was two sections of pipe with a bass string attached to each that he bowed and plucked, along with triggering electronics with triggers...