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    ey there, id have to say, machine heads new album "the blackening" is one of the best metal albums ever to be made, machine head are so fucking good... but hey thats my personal though, everyone give me there input hehe :D also, give me a link to your band, id love to check some of ure shit out...
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    crazy idea

    ey again people, sorry if im bugging you haha i had an idea, not sure what it would work out like haha, dont know if its possible, but has it been done.. a pickup in an acoustic snare drum....would that work? make some sort of electric snare drum, that you can plug in, like a guitar kinda...
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    building a snare drum *UPDATED 3/6/07*

    hey there everyone, im just new to this forum, and i fukn love it haha some nice ass kits out there aye im lookin for a good wood supplier for a snare drum, so if anyone can help me out, much apreciated, and as i start building, i will keep ya all updated with pics cheers, aj