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    Multi-track recording?

    Hey, Just purchased a new Behringer 1832FX mixer and some Shure 6 piece PG series mics. I got the recording bit down, but we want to record them into multiple tracks, rather than just the one. I'm new to this whole recording thing. It would really be appreciated if someone knew how to do this...
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    Zildjian A 20" Medium Crash

    Just bought one off eBay Haven't got it yet. Anyone had any experience with this crash? Thanks x
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    SIKK PURPLE Premier Cabria Exclusive Heavy Rock 22"

    This is my new setup, Premier Cabria Exclusive Heavy Rock 22" in a purple stain lacquer. sounds pretty kewwwwl im still working on the cymbals and skins so dont bag me about it, thanks. SPECS: 12" x 9" Tom 14" x 14" Floor Tom 16" x 16" Floor Tom 22" x 18" Bass Drum 14" x 5.5" Snare <a...
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    Meinl cymbals

    hey im in need of getting new cymbals when i get my new kit and ive been look at the meinl mcs cymbal pack with a free 14" china. just wondering if any of yous have any experience with them or know how they sound...
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    Mapex M Birch vs. Premier XPK

    I have seen a lot of good feedback about both of these kits so I have decided on my next kit to be either the mapex m birch 6 piece with a free 10 or 8" tom or the Premier XPK in maple. I would really appreciate it if yous would give me feedback on these 2 drum kits, with how they sound, their...
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    Worst kind of shell?

    just wondering what would be the worst shells on a kit you've ever tried or heard?
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    Mapex, Tama, Ludwig, Sonor, Premier????

    Hey, i'm new to this forum and i need help picking some kits i have in mind. My first choice would be the Mapex M series (birch) which you get a free 8" or 10" tom, then a Tama Superstar Custom, a Ludwig Accent CS (birch), a Sonor Force 2007 and a Premier XPK which is in maple. They all look...
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    Premier APK or Tama Imperialstar?

    Hi, I'm thinking of getting a new drum kit but i dont have a very big budget. I'm looking between $800 and $1,500 AU. I've found the Premier APK for $999.00 and the Tama Imperialstar for $799.00 I would appreciate it if you guys helped me out Thanks.