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    G2 or EC2 coated

    whats the real difference? and what do you guys using clear ec2's right now..they are getting old and i think its time for some new looking for some coated because i want more warmth in my tom sound...if u have any experiences please share.
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    just got my new saluda in the mail from a trade in..17 inch voodoo brilliant sounds awesome!..deff 1 of the best chinas i have played..highly recommend them!..thats it l8errr
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    Locking Frenzie?

    whats up with the all the locking on these threads?..kinda weird...does everyone post with the least bit of negativity have to get locked?
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    well i went to my local music store today, and my dad, who is involved in my drumming and knows a good amount about drums stuff, decided to ask the the guy who works there if he knows anything about saluda because i recently bought a cymbal....the man says " Oh yeah, they are some Chinese...
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    Stupid question..but ik u will read it!.ha

    How do you have a pic with your name on this site....Is that an avatar?...if it is then nuthing will either says its too big or too small..i dont get it
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    Whats a good Saluda China?

    Im trading in 2 cymbals and getting a 50 dollar credit and i think i want to get a china....what series is the best for chinas?? liking the price for the voodoo chinas..but do they sound good?..does anyone own them?
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    Trading in

    hey guys..i was wondering how saluda does trade ins?...i have a cracked paiste dimensions china 18 inch...and a 20 inch zbt jw wat i could get for those and if they would even do anything?
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    Anyone like Coheed and Cambria

    My band..(me and and a guitarist) just did a cover of In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth by coheed...give it a listen if u came out pretty good the link to our myspace is its the first song
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    My coheed and cambria cover

    a quick vid i did of me covering devil in jersey city by coheed..not much of a challenge but i love the song.
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    Rush on tour

    Well Rush just announced new dates for North America in support of snakes and whos pumped??!??...i mite be going to 2..mohegan sun and tweeter center in Mass.
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    3:10 To Yuma

    is an awesome movie!! you guys gotta see western i have ever seen
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    Slide technique

    just started learning it today after watching a u tube i have decided to stop cheating on my triplets wit my double bass came easier than i thott for just beats and stuff...but the triplets are tough to do at the moment..i tightened up my cobra spring tension and this seems...
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    My band..only 2 of us

    Yooo heres my band..we are 16 now..the photo is a little old..we just got a view covers of rush and 1 of tool i think..they are kinda old...the bass is over dubbed by guitarist so theres only 2 of us.
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    Iron Cobra Question

    Hey every my iron cobras..they are awesome!! much better than my pdp's haha...well im a little confused on all the adjustment things u can do and im still learning about them all...but i have a problem where my 2 beaters are not lining up right next to each other...the one on the left...
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    : (

    Just got back from school..expecting my iron cobra to be on my doorstep..and the fed ex guys leaves a note saying it couldnt be delivered because of signature one was another day of school anticipating my pedals.