18x18 bassdrum?

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Post Sat Nov 11, 2006 4:58 am

Hi Everybody :)

I'm thinking about buying a custom drumset in 18x18, 10x7 and 13x9 sizes.
But... does a 18x18 kick rock...?? I'm sure to get enough power due to the depth, but I'm afraid to loose too much bass, going with an 18" diameter... (the reasons of my choice: need a versatile sound, enough for rock situations, but at a reasonable volume to play in little places).
Maybe I should go with a thicker shell? Any feedback appreciated

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Post Sat Nov 11, 2006 12:02 pm

unless you have a good sound guy who can really pump your kick, its goona sound booming in sound check with the the kit but empty when playing with the band unless you're planning to trigger it. . and you mentions it was for rock, i personally wouldnt go any smaller than a 20" kick.