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Bong wrote:
zen_drummer wrote:
Jerry138 wrote:I think Dave Grohl had a good sound going. he should have stuck to drumming, in my opinion.

You know what amazes me? Way back when Nirvana was going strong, Modern Drummer featured David Grohl on the cover and they got so much flack for featuring a "no talent bum" on the cover, people actually cancelled their subscriptions.

Now people respect him as a drummer and not as a front man!

In my opinion, David Grohl is a fine musician, writes some great tunes, plays 'em well on MANY instruments and he's the only guy from Nirvana that still has a career. (as far as I know, anyway)

He's a mellow, soft-spoken guy that never seems to get the respect he truly has earned.


Krist Noveselic had a pretty good band going for a while, Eyes Adrift. They kind of died out I guess though. I always enjoyed Grohl's drumming with Nirvana. He reminded me of a 90s version of John Bonham because he had a fast foot, created some pretty unique beats, played big drums, and beat the shit out of em.
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Not to discount any of the fine drummers listed, but it's worth considering that in a lot of cases, what we hear on a recording is as much as, if not more so, in the hands of the producer\ engineer, as the player. (I'm aware that was a cumbersome sentence, but you get the idea...)
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Post Mon Dec 03, 2007 5:34 pm

bass: either lars from the black album or ben graves from the murderdolls
toms: either neil peart or mike smith from suffocation
snare: either paul mazurkiewicz from cannibal corpse on the album "Vile" or joey from slipknot :twisted:
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...not to sound conceitted, but I love the sound of my own drums! Mapex pro-M Studio, 8 pc double kick. I had Mapex custom build this kit for the sizes I was looking for, and paid dearly, but worth every penny!!! 2/ 18x22's, 10x10, 12x9, 13x11, 14x14, 16x14 toms, 14x5.5 snare and a 12x7 side snare. Aquarian Studio-x heads on the toms with a secret inner custom e-ring, Attack resonants and Evans E-Mad batters. I don't mean to brag, but I get compliments EVERYWHERE on how this kit sounds. The drums are tuned for being "mic'd" only, and gated accordingly. Iv'e listened to many kits on YOU TUBE and elsewhere, DW's, Pearl, Ludwig, Tama, Trick, Yamaha, Rodgers, Gretch, Sonor, PDP, etc. Quite honestly, I did'nt envy anyones sound.
I quess I nailed it on the head when buying Mapex, and using a secret the tuning masters use. :wink:
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Mike Portnoy's drums are awesome. Copeland and Weckyl have some pretty tasty sounding drums. The guy that played for the band Collisseum had an incredible sounding set of Rogers drums.
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Killswitch Engage is one of my favorites, does anyone know if he triggers his drums. Breaking Benjamin, John Ottos snare
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Hands down drummer wise agree with quikstang, Chris Adler (lamb of god) is amazizing bt i also play mapex's. but individually Bass= Christ Adler (lamb of god) or Danny Carry (tool). Snare= Chad Sexton (311) the rev (a7x) Joey Jordison's (slipknot) pearl signature snare {i got one today and love her} also Matt Mcdonahuge (mudvayne toms=Christoph "doom" Shcnider (RAMMSTEIN) or Tommy Lee (if you dont know look it up looser) or the guy from Breaking Benjamin (heard those up close and personal love em)
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