Rimshots for Backbeat

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I believe you should not ALWAYS rimshot for backbeat. It's a question of DYNAMICS, folks! Say you are chugging along in the verse, and want to add a little to that chorus coming up..... well, if you are already playing a rimshot for every backbeat, then you don't have anywhere to go, but if you ADD it just for the chorus, then go back to straight snare in the next verse.... voila! DYNAMICS!
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i did the same when i was in my old band, they had a problem with it because it was just plain too loud at times. and live it can be too much as well.

ive seen peoples heads even explode in the audience as a result. its quite scary.

haha no that didnt really happen, but when it comes to the listener it CAN be a bit too much, listen to 311 records, chad sexton uses them tastefully and live it sounds awesome, so id say if you wanted...or could pick up or download their live record and youll see what i mean. i guess its all about the audiences and the bands tastes