Do you let other drummers play on your kit?

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Since upgrading my drumset, I have yet to have anyone ask me to play on my drumset. However, I think I would be a bit anal unless I knew they could play, and wouldn't dent/break/or damage any of my shit.
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Heh....a VERY difficult Question!!!! :shock:
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i would let people use my kit. if my band is playing last at a bar show, i would rather use mine in the end. i've only had to do it a couple times in the last couple years. as long as it is treated with respect i don't think i'd ever care. it definately helps if you know ahead of time and know the other drummers.
i would get a little leary if i showed up to a gig and someone asked to use my kit. but i had to borrow a kit one show once, our vehicle broke down on the way to a show, and we had to leave the trailer behind for the gig. i grabbed my stick and cymbal bags, the others grabbed their guitars and called a friend on their way to the show. we were nine-ten hours away from home and two hours from show time. needless to say everyone felt our pain and hooked us up. we still played, and no one cared or flinched when we had to ask. thanks: the forecast, halfway home, and jared grabb!
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As long as they dont adjust anything, its all good.

My neighbor plays the drums and we use eachothers set all the time.
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Vetis wrote:My only rule when it comes to anybody playing my kit ( or borrowing cymbals ) is that if you break it, you buy it; No argument.

If they dont like it, then they are SOL.

i agree 100%




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I don't mind when people play my kit... I went to a show a few weeks ago and was asked to fill in for a band who's drummer had the flu. I said no problem, let's just ask the headliners if I can play their kit. The drummer in the headlining band said, no way and also wouldn't play on another kit that would have given my friends band a chance at 3 more songs, at their own CD release. Needless to say, I thought it was totally lame and childish of this "headliner" (band sucked anyway) So, the headliner drummer learned one of my buddy's tunes in an hour and still messed it up!

It was lame all around....

It's like riders rules man: You break it, you buy it... Nuff said.
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Cameraman wrote:As long as they dont adjust anything, its all good.

Oh God thats the worst.

You take time setting up and making sure everything is at a place where you're comfortable, and here comes this guy who sits in who not only moves your throne... but he adjusts the height, changes the height of your hi-hat and the angle of your snare drum.

While he's doing this all of the people that were up on the floor sit down, then if they do get back up for the other song, you end up sitting down and playing on a kit that doesnt feel anything like your own anymore.

I just despise that.
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masonvonritchie wrote:Unless it's somebody who knows what they're doing and won't adjust stuff on my kit, I wouldn't have a problem with it. If I saw another drummer with a nice kit and asked to play it for a little bit, I think it would be good "karma" if they let me. But, if it's some asshole who's gonna adjust everything on my kit to their liking, then HELL no.

100% agree
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<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="" border="0"><img border="0" src=""></a> If I've seen you play, usually no problem. Otherwise, I really don't enjoy opening my set to every person who says they can play. I'm sure some can, but I've also had enough bad experiences over the years to make me gun shy on that. And, it also depends on which kit I have that night. I have one set (a four piece) that I'm more open to than the double bass kit - less opportunities for Murphy's Law to kick in.
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I don't find that allowing others to use my kit is a problem, as long as they don't start adjusting my original setup.

The only thing I'm touchy about are cymbals. My kit is at my friend/guitarist's house because he has his own place where we can jam as late as we want - Plus, I live in an apartment.

Sometimes someone will stop by and want to try the kit, and it doesn't bother me as long as they're not smashing the cymbals like an idiot. If I see that happen once, I have to step in.

For live shows, bands usually share kits, but are asked to bring their own pedal, snare, and cymbals.
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I let them play just as long is they don't adjust anything or move anything.
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Well, sometimes, you don't have much of a choice. If it's a multi band line up and there isn't enough room on the stage, the headliner's kit becomes backline. You use your own snares, pedals, and cymbals, but if it's my kit, and the guy/girl(s) before me need to adjust the position of the toms, that's fine. I'll take the minute or so it takes to reposition them before I start. I've let some drummers use all my stuff before, but they are usually friends or cats I've known for a long time.
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Nah ill let friends that dont know how to play tho try it but if they beat the crap out of it i tell them to stop. I dont like playing other kits unless they are better than mine or nicer or just depending on cercumstance
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If someone wanted to use my kit i have 2 criteria

how well do i know the person and how good are they

Pedals they can forget and cymbals depending on which cymbal like my AA Rock ride can break cars its so heavy and sturdy but some of my fast and thin crashs i kno how people can get into it and hit really hard so many id lend my ride or my hi hats but crashs splashs and chinas not happening
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l_e_i_g_h wrote:Heh....a VERY difficult Question!!!! :shock:

Yeah Man..I'm hip..!!

I will let someone sit in if I know the person and they KNOW not to move anything..I make it clear that it's a rack system and not to change a thing accept the throne..I can live with that. I still would just rather not and sometimes I'll say no to those I have let play em before...Another thing is I don't like standing around while someone else is sittin in with the band I'm playing with..Unless I have to Pee real bad..LOL

Oh one thing I hate..I hate it when someone sits in and plays my favorite songs that I like to play..Ooooo..I HATE That !!
Not into all that competetive who's better crap..Just love to have fun when I drum..!! <|:O)