How do you know if you're good?

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Waylon wrote:Ah the insecurities of being a musician. One way to assess your talent is to record yourself and listen back.
Recordings don't lie! (at least before pro tools are used). It seems to go up and down sometimes playing beyond what you think you can do and then if you are suffering from an inflated ego afterwards that always confronts you with your current limitations. The music should humble us because it is difficult to play it and do it justice. One thing for sure you should never feel like you are somehow "there." Because there is no peak, only more endless plateaus and levels. No limit to this thing called drumming.
Please visit my site and tell I good? Just kidding.
But if you want to give a listen that would be cool of you.
Work on ambidexterity, independence and rudiments w/ a metronome and have fun!

I agree.

But when you listen to yourself back... you have to hear whether it grooves or not. How is your meter? How is your feel during that song? How is your pocket?

Be brutally honest with yourself and you'll never wonder if you're good. Instead You'll always strive to become better.

Though I really believe other drummers on here can help if they listen to the mp3's posted and give honest opinions. I like to ask other's opinions on playing simply because it can give you a perspective you didnt see prior. And that can help you become a better player.