what makes a good bass player for a drummer?

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bignickonthedrum wrote:
alwaysdrummetal wrote:they should be able to hop behind the kit and play a simple beat without ever drumming before

On that topic, I think one of the best things I ever did for my drumming was learn to play bass and gig on it occasionally. That way once I get done playing with a drummer who's either lacking or who's great to play with, I'll remember what I liked/hated about them and I can take that experience to the kit.

This is a great method! A bass player before a kit player, I developed a firm awareness of the bass early on, and it helps my drumming. Bass and drums, the anchoring definition of a rhythm section, is more appreciated when each musician directly understands both instruments and their applied roles. I often use the bass when teaching beats and variations to drummer friends, it's always fun to simultaneously be creative while helping a learning drummer explore new beats.

I think what really matters in a bass player is someone you get along with who has a total understanding of what the rhythm section's responsibility is.

Yes! Ultimately it is a relationship between these two that makes great rhythm sections, and to study the bad and good of past relationships will help any musician get better in any band situation.
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What makes a good bass player to me? One that has their own equipment, can work with the band, and stays outta my way.
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I would settle for one that showers daily...
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I'd go with someone who knows how to improvise and do his/her own thing, but also who knows how to sync up with the downbeat of the bass drum at the same time.

My bass player is really good at following the downbeat. He only just started so right now he's keeping it simple, but the simplicity of his playing actually sounds really good.
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how about a bass player that listens,is willing to work and provides constructive criticism on a two-way street?
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I know that my jazz instructor tells me that the drums are there for color, not for time keeping. That is the bassist's job. Now granted that definately does not apply to all genres (especially rock), however if your bassist is able to keep time just as well as you, then it is really a relieving burden, and free's the drummer up to add more color to the music.
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Similar musical tastes and POCKET POCKET POCKET
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I've been playing with the same bass player FOREVER. We have our shit on LOCK.
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How about someone who can play without overcoming the other instruments or playing too shy. And someone who can understand the other instruments.
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must say i am a very lucky drummer/man, i have an identical twin brother who RIPS on the bass, we have been playing together our entire lives. and to not be humble (lol) we are very tight. The most important thing is to have a connection with the bass player and LOCK in, tight pocket, let it roll, psychically.