Bass drum head selection

Pearl, Tama, Yamaha, DW, Ludwig, Premier, Mapex etc.

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drumming adept
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Qbs wrote:I use EQ3 batter and reso and I love it :)

metoo 8)
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For me Aquarian = Dead Heads. They sound great in the studio cause they offer no real tone.

EVANS IS THE ONLY CHOICE. Depending upon whether you want attack or full body, Evans will have a head for you. If you go to a store or check their website, they have a chart that will help give you an idea of the "sound" you may be looking for with the appropriate head suggestion.

I use Emad (single ply) with Retroscreens on my 80's Ludwig Double Bass Kit, my Sonor Kit and on my new DDrum Kit. Why? Emad 1's allow the drum to sing and the Retroscreens allow the right amount of air to escape and control the tone.

Having played practically every drumhead available (as a former Guitar Center Drum Department Manager), Evans has proven itself time and time again in ALL situations.

Good luck on your choice...Roger Allan
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No holes, why ruin a perfectly good drum head. Plus for real tone, nothing sounds better than a Remo coated ambassador on both batter and resonant. If thats a little to "alive" for you, try a Coated Emperor on the batter, and add felt strips till satisfied.
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the best combination i have found in ten plus years of playing is a clear ps3 batter and either a coated or smooth ps3 resonant.i have the combination on a vintage slingerland 24 and it sounds amazing.
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Aquarian Superkick II. Honestly, its a great kick sound. You're right that Aquarian are pretty much toneless, but how many times have you heard someone say, "have you heard the tone of that guys kick?" The Superkick II gives you that awesome kick sound you want. As for resonant head, just get one of your manufacturer kicks with the hole already in it.
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aquarian for sure. superkick II clear w regulator on front, throw out the tama one. you won't need a pillow unless there is a guitar solo. 2 ply emad runs second but only if you can't find aquarian
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I use Aquarian Super Kick II's for my two 22"x18" kicks. It's a very relient, two ply head that comes also in a coated version (SUper Kick I) that's a single ply.


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where's the aquarian love? i've not found a combo i liked better than the Aquarian super kick II and aquarian force resonant II. Great punch and good amount of low end, makes any kick drum sound like a cannon!