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http://www.ttabs.com has quite a few drum tabs. There are tons of tab sites, but very few of them have drum tabs.
masonvonritchie wrote:
Qbs wrote:check out www.mxtabs.net

Isn't that site being sued for copyright infringment or some shit? I haven't been there in a while and I can't get to it from work but when they were still up that had all kinds of good shit on there.

MXTabs was taken down for infringement, but they are apparently coming back this summer. http://www.mxtabs.net
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Yeah, in my experience, tabs tend to just confuse me when i'm trying to figure out the music by ear. And in most cases, it seems whoever made the tabs a) didn't know how to play the song at the time of makign the tabs, or b) messed up while making the tabs, but the result is usually 1) you don't learn the song the way it is, or 2) you don't learn the song the way it is.

If you really want to play the song exactly as they do, try to get a really good set of headphones (shell out some cash for a decent pair, some biiiig noise-cancelling over-ear set will do nicely) and just sit in a quiet room and listen to the music and try to listen to each thing the drummer is doing.

That's my technique, and i'm notorious for being able to (eventually) imitate almost any song perfectly. Of course, i'm still learning a lot, and there are something things i simply can't play yet. But that means i get some practice!